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    Hello, first time posting, but I have used the forum as a resource in the past.

    I am currently in Malaysia for a couple of weeks and was looking at pearls. From the forum I found Edward Kong Pearls and went to check them out. Some lovely things that I can't buy but I am looking for specific earrings: long and dangling with three pearls, connected with a thick gold wire, graduated with a teardrop on the bottom. In my mind this last pearl is about 16mm, but it seems reality has other things in store for me.

    Edward Kong did not have much close to what I want and he told me that it would be hard to find. I can get oval that are smaller - maybe around 12mm. So my question is if this is true everywhere? Should I save my search for another place and if so where? If the size I want is hard to get, I don't want to look forever, I'd be quite happy with a pair of earrings that will do until the time I find what is just right.

    What he had was rather lovely and he could make up the earrings for me or I could just buy the pearls. The other issue is that I want them with yellow gold and he has white and I don't like the hook he uses, I want a clasp that closes (wish I knew the correct names for all these). He also would have the pearls connected with a chain and I want something more solid. My concern about just buying the pearls and having the earrings made elsewhere is that I don't have a jeweler that I would have do this for me and since I live in the US I assume it is far more expensive to have it made up there.

    Appreciate any advice.

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    I know many people have had jewelry designed for them by John at Pearl Paradise; you could try to contact PP and ask.

    That said, a 16mm pearl would be a heavy enough dangle on its own, not to mention a trio of pearls culminating in a 16mm one. See this post about the relationship between increases in mm and pearl size and weight and ask yourself if you are likely to find such a heavy earring comfortable:

    Comparative pearl sizes-- how much difference does 1mm larger really make?


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      Wow, never thought in terms of volume! Thanks! I was just thinking that I am very tall and have big hair so needed something visable. Might not need to go so large.
      Iíll check out Pearl Paradise when I return to the states, Iíve purchased a few thing there but had not thought of them for making things up for me. I assume it would be best to keep the pearls I drilled if I buy them here?
      Now the other question I have (since size is not seeming like such a big factor) is if Borneo pearls are a good choice? Or should I be looking in the Philippines or Australia?


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        I would be interested in the answer to your last question, what was the outcome?