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  • Number of pearls

    I have a question for Jeremy. I thought that pearl strands are strung with odd number of pearls on the strand so that the middle pearl is right in the middle when you wear it. I counted my pearls for the first time yesterday on strand FEN490-274... and there were 44 pearls instead of 43 or 45. Is this normal? Thanks.


    • Hi Mom,
      I can't answer as to what is normal these days, but, personally, I like an even number of pearls so's I can hang an enhancer pendant now and again.


      • I always figured the number of pearls was dependent on however many it took to make up 16" unstrung.

        I just counted my 2 ovals and my 2 rounds from PP. The ovals both have an odd number of pearls and the rounds both have an even number.


        • This is amazing! I had my second necklace (round 7-8mm, 290-14) all this time in a box because it was supposed to be a present. Now after all the chameleon discussions I took it out, put it on a light background in a diffused light and left it for a while to 'recover after the customs stress'. And - you would not believe it - just in front of my eyes it started getting colours!!!

          Even my husband, who is very sceptical about everything astrological etc. but was sitting in this moment next to me for half an hour, noticed it and is having a deep structural identity crisis now . We both pretended not to believe in magic!
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          • Originally posted by Hanaleimom View Post
            I have a question for Jeremy. I thought that pearl strands are strung with odd number of pearls on the strand so that the middle pearl is right in the middle when you wear it. I counted my pearls for the first time yesterday on strand FEN490-274... and there were 44 pearls instead of 43 or 45. Is this normal? Thanks.
            Only strands that are graduated with a single, large pearl always have an exact odd number. It is more of a rule with Tahitian and South Sea pearls.
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            • I got my pearls a couple of days ago. Ordered the 7,5-8,5 ovals, and I have to say that they?re the nicest pearls I?ve ever seen in real life. I even think they look much better than on the photo, and I wasn?t dissapointed at all when I saw them the first time. I have a few really nice pearls in my strand, two pretty dark ones and a really nice light pink one. One of the dark look kinda oilish (If that makes sense? Like a puddle of oil.) and I never thought pearls could be this nice. Maybe that?s just because it?s my first pearls ever and I don?t have much to compare to but I like them a lot and already got a lot of compliments. Thanks Jeremy and Mia!
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              • Thank goodness for that pearl brownie. It is great when one comes in the box with the pearls. Jeremy seems to have a cache of them -and they don't stay put, they like to jump into the pearl boxes before they are shipped. I am hoping they will spread all over the pearl world, perking up those droopy pearls.

                I said that about the pearl waking up because a couple of years ago, I got about 5 kilos of large but plain black pearls. They were way under the size I had ordered and had no luster. Well the size never changed, but I hung all the hanks on the wall with thumb tacks where they just happened to be in the breeze of our cooler. (A huge fan on the roof surrounded by water soaked cooler pads, so it really takes the dryness out of summer air)

                In a couple of days I was happy to notice they had taken on subtle rose overtones. Well, I like peacock better, but this was certainly better than the way they came out of the box. Now I really do try to keep my pearls in moist air because air conditioners and heaters (not to mention So AZ itself) really dry the air out.

                How to hand-knot pearls without a tool

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                • exotic

                  Thank you, Jeremy, for your reply. It's great learning by reading and asking questions on this forum. I am still a newbie, so please, bare with me.
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                  • Originally posted by Caitlin Williams View Post
                    I got two of the smallest rounds and forgot to ask for them unstrung because I was afraid they would disappear before I paid for them- So they came strung up and My daughter Kether immediately started wearing them! I have to get them back, somehow!
                    I got the same thing, Caitlin. Great minds think alike. They couldn't be more beautiful. They really are magic.
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                    • has anyone been getting compliments on their exotics? This weekend we were shopping at Macy's and the sales ladies were eyeing my GF's 8.5-9.5 ovals and came over to marvel at them and asked if they were real. Then she went and tried on a french blue dress shirt and WOW the colors on the oval strand really go well with the shirt - everything POW....POPS.


                      • Has anybody tried turning the PP box upside down? The inside of the lid is very white and the box is well balanced. My 8.5-9.5 ovals have been resting in the open lid on my desk for a week. They look great that way.

                        Thanks for all the terrific pictures everybody!


                        • It's time to see my exotics, finally. I had trouble getting the thread back through the other end and now I'm waiting to find my glue, which vanished in the aftermath of the flood. I'm not especially worried because I may put on another clasp. This was an experiment.

                          But why wait when it now looks almost like a finished necklace? And Boo made me the most wonderful earrings ever! Double drops! I have to pinch myself to believe I'm not dreaming. THANKS BOO!

                          Click image for larger version

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                          My friend Heather was over and she watched me knot the necklace and she kept raving about how beautiful the pearls were. I felt so bad that I didn't have some more for her, but I had brought back something very special in rose gold vermeil from Tucson, so she left a very happy customer.

                          Thanks so much to Jeremy for doing the exotics offer!


                          • GemGeek,
                            Your exotic set is beautiful!!! The earrings are so unusual and lovely. The clasp is great too. I love how it echoes the drop shape of the pearls on the earrings.


                            • Oh, lovely, lovely, lovely! boo, those earrings are outstanding! And I can barely see those knots!

                              Can anyone tell me where to find the high-karat gold findings?



                              • Pearllove, I didn't think about the shapes being complimentary -- that's great. Can you believe how nice Boo was to make the earrings for me?

                                Perle, the clasp on the necklace is gold-vermeil. I just liked the look of it. I bought them from Star's Clasps when I was in Tucson. They have a web site www.starsclasps.com.