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Upcoming Queensland Akoya Harvest

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  • Upcoming Queensland Akoya Harvest

    ABC Online

    Pearl company prepares for first Fraser harvest. 01/08/2005. ABC News Online

    [This is the print version of story]

    Last Update: Monday, August 1, 2005. 12:12pm (AEST)
    Pearl company prepares for first Fraser harvest
    A Wide Bay business is set to become one of the world's biggest producers of premium akoya pearls.

    After years of work, Coral Sea Pearls will this month begin its first harvest of shells grown in the Great Sandy Strait off Fraser Island in south-east Queensland.

    Problems with pollution in Japan, the main producer of akoya pearls, has seen the quality of Japanese pearls drop considerably.

    Coral Sea Pearls owner-operator Davel Williams has already cracked open a few of his shells and says he is pleased with what he has seen.

    "With what we've harvested so far the quality has proven to be of world class gem quality and a really beautiful lustre which is really quite hard to get, that goes with the quality," he said.

    How to hand-knot pearls without a tool

    My avatar is a Sea of Cortez mabe pearl. One of a pair of Mexican handmade earrings.

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    link above didn't work for me

    wonder if they'll be able to compete with chinese akoyas in volume, and therefore price.


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      I am very anxious to see if this turns around the Japanese Akoya pearl market. I guess we will have to wait and see if they can maintain quality harvests.