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Pearls and skulls?

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    amazing what we "see" or "think we see" when movies are insanely popular...



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      It's true that skulls have been around for a while...


      It certainly doesn't hurt when a bunch of the attendee's of the highly publicized movie premier show up wearing skull jewelry...

      ...and then there's Mischa Barton (...little brat!)

      -Peter Ciulla
      Peter Ciulla



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        The mikimoto store in NY has a line of about 5-6 pieces all with a combination of skulls, tahitian and south sea pearls - I almost bought a pendant myself until I saw the price tag
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          Just wondering if Queen Elizabeth I, woudl have ever worn pearl and skills in her jewelry. Bothe wereimensely popular. Incidentally, when we did our Dempo for that famoud now franchise of pirate movies.. I did wear my Glow in the dark skull bandanna with my pearl jewelry... noone noticed... I need to stop wering pearls for a while... LOL....


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            I think she might have... with skulls fairly popular in anything including (memento mori) jewelry. Examples of Elizabethan jewelry with skulls are somewhat available - some famous, like the Tor Abbey Jewel... Any with important pearls would be a feat though, because of the pearl recycling. Maybe in a painting?


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              I know there existed some skill roraries, rings, pendants and a coffin with a full skeleton in it.. I think teh Cheapside hoard find may have even had a few pieces in it..but that was "middle/lower" class jewelry...


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                pearls and skulls

                Why not?
                Pearls are not just classic strands anymore... I have been christmas shopping alot recently and have seen for myself the pearl invasion that has taken over north american shopping malls
                I don't personally see myself wearing this particuar necklace, but I actually kinda like the combination of the elegant pearls and the underground skulls. Kinda interesting and quite a testament to how pearls have changed... Quite pricy however!
                Elsa P.
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                  Depends on what you feel like with pearls I guess... THere is somethign for everyone with pearls that is why they are so great! The "classic Look" goes with everything......I prefer a classic look myself more "mileage and vesrsatility" ... I am not a trendy person.. did my part while a teen in the 1980's.. As for the "Invasion" not quite.. they have been here for as long as society has been here.... just not as affordable for many until recently! Used to be a "Upper crust" thing or peoplesaved to get taht one strand to wear with the sunday best...... But now that you can buy them at places like michaels and bead stores they have gone mainstream and as long as they are "real pearls" People can use for beading and make their own stuff with .. they really do not care .. I hear it at least 4-5 times a week....


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                    [QUOTE=Valeria101]I think she might have... with skulls fairly popular in anything including (memento mori) jewelry. QUOTE]

                    Funny I should read this! I just bought a heavy silver Rebecca Collins cuff with two silver skulls flanking a rock crystal skull. On the inside edge of the cuff is a slim silver bar inscribed with 'memento mori'. I've actually worn this out with my Freshadamas already! Love to mix and match