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Mixing colors on pearl jewelry?

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  • Mixing colors on pearl jewelry?

    I have caught the pearl bug and so far have a few nicer pieces and a bunch of less expensive ones just for fun. It just occurred to me that especially for casual wear, maybe there is no reason to be so matchy-matchy with the colors. Wondering if anyone mixes their pearl colors much and if so, how (for example, grey pearl earrings with a white pearl necklace and pink pearl ring, or whatever)?

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    I'd be interested in people's responses to this as well, I also own various pieces but not a whole set of any one thing, and was wondering the same thing! Pictures would help, if anyone is willing to post your favorite combo



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      oh yes!! I even wore few times in one ear pink/mauve pearl and in another gold one. Same design.... Nobody noticed till I pointed that out!

      For earrings / ring / bracelet, while wearing different colors or type of pearls at the same time, I would try to repeat the tone, or shape: like GSS ring with Tahitian bracelet with necklace that has both ( no earrings if I wear all that or I would feel like a Christmas tree.....)..

      I love to mix-and-match.


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        I mix all the time. I feel it looks too formal if earrings and necklace match (no rings yet). For necklace I have: golden akoya, tahiti, kasumi-like in pink/gold, and large white FW. For earrings I use: tahiti (10 mm. that deliberately don't match, one is green and one is bronze), white SSP, real Kasumi, and often I wear my 22K gold Indian dangles. Add to that bracelets with tahitians, large white FW, tiny akoya keshis and gold/rubies and there is an endless amount of mixing, matching and layering going on :-)

        - Karin


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          I have always dislike wearing matching sets of jewellery, and like to mix and match instead.

          I seldom wear pearl earrings, necklace and ring together (don't have or wear pearl bracelets). Usually necklace and ring are pearls, and I would normally wear white gold diamond earrings to go with them. The pearl ring can be the same colour as the necklace, however, it is usually in a contrasting colour.

          At present, for formal wear, I only wear pearls in white or black, so it is easy to mix and match. The other colours I may throw in the mix is red and deep pink (as in rubies or sapphires) in the form of a ring.

          Bear in mind that I like bright colours in clothes, hence I tone down on the colours in my jewellery.

          For less formal wear, I may wear one of my more colourful pendants with a different colour pearl ring, again with non-pearl earrings.

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            When you?re in the market for pearls, it?s important to invest the time and energy into picking out the exact style that suits you. The good news, however, is that you aren?t required to love the style forever, as pearl jewelry is extremely easy to refashion and redesign. You may be surprised to know, but it?s true ? there is such a thing as pearl restringing services which allow women to update their pearl jewelry for a more wearable look that they?ll love in modern times.


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              I like most all white and silver color pearls jewelry because its looks very beautiful in any colors cloths your wearing. So I have large collection of white and silver color pearls jewelry and I keep these all jewelry in one beautiful and antique jewelery box because its a best place to secure my jewelry.
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                I really like the mix and match concept, there are times when I might want all white pearls, such as for a special event, but remembering that jewelry made of "real" pearls is not just jewelry but also a form of art from nature, each piece of jewelry stands on its own. I also have warmed up to having mixed pearl colors on one strand; recently I acquired a strand of Chinese FW's in a mix of fairly loud dyed colors that I was planning on taking apart for projects, but decided it was just the perfect strand to wear for very casual, LOL I could even see it over a t shirt and shorts, it would go great with a Hawaiian shirt! Guess there is just not a "Bad" way to wear nice pearls.

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