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Keisha - Drop or Stud Style Earrings?

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    Originally posted by Valeria101
    'Leafy beads' sounds great, lucky goldsmith that would get a field day with the design if and when you might pursue this, Zeide! Besides, what a nice lesson in all things pearls they might get on the side


    I am awed over the ring on the left. "Leafy beads." Fantastic if leafy beads came preset... ha ha on me as I am a "lowly beader" using high-qual materials.

    I am going with 14k yellow gold eye pins to make the connections (so I will end up with a chain linked style the closet I can come to tin cup as I am too chicken to take on the task of working with longer wire), lightest blue topaz I could find (because a beader almost always come up with some kookie idea). To top my kookie idea off - I will add some over 10mm white SS or Black P.M.s (haven't decided on which one of those I will use yet).

    Now if I can only get myself going to take on the task.

    Should you ladies continue to throw out ideas, I should say I will have the lot used up in fantastic "one-of-a-kinds."


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      Drop, it is!

      Hello All,

      Snail mail arrived! Here are the 12.5s I mentioned (closest match I suppose one could find with Keshi). Right now, they are half drilled so it will be Drop. (Top section) (Bottom) (Aerial)

      Other than "drop," I don't have a bright idea to make them "fab" drops.