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bought an antique brooch/pin with sapphire and pearls

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  • bought an antique brooch/pin with sapphire and pearls

    Hi everyone, recently I bought this antique sapphire & pearl brooch/pin, the piece looks nice and authentic and the pearls look natural to me. there is a "14K" mark and an unknown mark at the back. Anyone has any idea what the unknown mark stands for (maker's mark?). Thank you.

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    Hi, echolovesyou! That’s a beautiful pin! There are people here who are much more knowledgeable than I am about the pearls on the pin, but I agree that it is an antique, and you are right that there is a hallmark or maker’s mark. For the sake of simplicity I’ll assume the pin would test as 14k. To figure out the mark, more information would definitely be needed. Do you know the country of origin of the piece? A bigger photo of the mark would also be super helpful.

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      Here's a website to find UK gold hallmarks:


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        This looks like a makers mark, not an assay/hallmark. You will have to be a bit of a sleuth to track down the maker :-(

        I picked up a 15ct seed pearl brooch in December past with a makers mark being a hanging sheep - I discovered it was made right here in Melbourne around the turn of last Century.


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          Thanks for the information everyone. I believe it is a maker's mark, tried to search but couldn't find anything similar to this.


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            Very nice brooch echolovesyou
            The pearls are either natural or seed doubt about it.
            Please let us know if you find more information...what a great find!
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