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  • Timeframe for new inventory

    Hi everyone!

    Thank you very much for all the info provided on this website. I recently purchased a hanadama single strand and a freshadama single strand for PP to compare. Still waiting on the freshadama to come in.... it's agony. However, while browsing through many vendor's online store, it seems like supply is not abundant this time of year (pearlsofjoy, pearl source, PP, etc). Generally, when do the vendors have new inventory coming in? I am thinking about a double or triple strand (nested) of 8-8.5 mm but am not able to find much availability online (white freshadama or white freshadama metallics, don't really know the difference). Do they stock up more inventory around Christmas time? Or is it one of those things where you have to contact the company for them to customize a strand for you? It's not really an uncommon necklace style.

    Also, where do you suggest I may purchase a 5 strand bracelet of small (~5.0-5.5 mm) size pearls with dividers for a nice stacked look?

    These multi strand jewelry items seem to be difficult to find. Maybe I am not looking in the right place?

    Thanks in advance for the responses! I love the eye candy on this forum. :-D

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    I can't speak for other sites, but Mother's Day tends to wipe us out of a lot of stock. We typically buy in March to last until June (the next big buying trip for us) but because we stock based on estimates, some things do end up selling out.

    For us, the big buys are March, June and September for akoya and freshwater. We stock up on Tahitians and South Sea several times per year but not necessarily on a similar set schedule.
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      Thank you for the response!