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    Originally posted by katie View Post
    (not freshwater, but its my thread so I set the rules) a baroque tahitian strand, ............;
    x K
    So I follow you on that trend

    pear shaped Tahiti mixed with circled ones, very multicolored in green and purple...

    + a sea of Cortez whole strand ( I have only 2 ...)

    If or when Abalones will be one day cultured, something with (not mabe)
    Though I already have a big natural one...


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      Sarah has some amazing Kasumi at www.kojimapearl.com. I have been looking and drooling.

      Dana, I have to agree, the older I get, the larger the pearls! With the exception of some keshi in amazing colors.

      so many pearls, so little time


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        A 8-9 or 9-10 gem quality lavender freshwater strand...

        As for non freshwater pearls, I?d like an abalone pearl very much (Something for the future I think.) I just love the blue and green colours of them... Would also like at least one tahitian strand, baroque or round doesn?t really matter as long as it?s shiny and have nice, strong colour. Oh, and some golden SS pearls, with a really intense, golden colour...
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          Sheesh, I think I could actually help most of the people with their wish list, but for me, I want that elusive 24mm peacock colored naturally colored keshi-type pearl, I had one for a while, but it broke on me, leaving me sad, the problem is, that you can't just order such a thing from china, if they realize that the ones they sell me are actually worth 100 times+ what they sell them to me for, the price goes up, so I am stuck asking for kilo's of baroque naturally colored pearls and searching through them.

          I got a perfectly med-dark pink pearl once in a parcel, Got $65 for it because the luster was so awesome. I got another Kilo and a half on order from S. China, anyone want to see the cool ones I get?


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            Of course we want to see!

            Pics pics pics!
            Lauren's ETSY store is on hiatus!