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question about exotics

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  • question about exotics


    When you use the term "exotic" are you simply referring to colors other than white?

    Does exotic = colored? And/or does it include differently shaped stones like baroques?

    Thank You!

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    Hi Kaywal-

    Welcome to the forum! Pearls are not known for highly saturated color levels; most often their spectrum resides in the softer, more pastel ranges... 'Exotic' or 'Fancy' is a term that refers to body colors and overtones that are considered rare and unusual, or especially fine. In Tahitian pearls, the vivid Aquamarine, or the intense Cherry overtones pictured below, would be considered fancy colors.

    The Cherry Tahitians are from Jeremy at Pearl Paradise, and the drop-shaped Tahitian Baroques are some of the newer pearls that we've been working with. You may also want to check out the Sea Of Cortez pearls- they would definitely be considered Exotic (with a capital E!)

    Since FW pearls come in natural shades of Pink/Peach, Lavender and White (which includes Cream), color modifiers such as an intense Red hue that sufficiently 'amps up' the overall tone from a pastel pink to a bright magenta level could be termed saturated, and is considered exotic.

    The term (to my knowledge) does not include shapes- off round is off-round, baroque is baroque, etc.
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      That is a very good explanation for us lay folks, Ashley. My strands when viewed collectively look to be a series of pinks and lavendars, etc. But each pearl viewed individually is quite extraordinarily colored and pinks and lavendars don't present themselves at all. I don't know if it's the body color or the overtone which creates these extraordinary colors but the color range is what makes them pop (as we've been discussing) when worn with colored clothing. They are truly a treat and I'm still spellbound by them.
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        Spellbound is the perfect word for it! A truly beautiful gem should mesmerize the eye and draw you in... that's also what I meant about depth in the other thread- What Do You Look For In a Pearl?


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          Ashley, thank you so much for the helpful explanation!