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Did you get/give pearls for Valentine's Day?

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  • Did you get/give pearls for Valentine's Day?

    I was able to give my girlfriend Jeremy's exotics. This was a big test run for me because up to this point I had only given her one piece of jewelry that had a pearl on it (a pearl Freshadama pendant from PP) and your reaction was sorta muted. So I was really nervous she was going to say - ummm...honey I love you and all - but I'm not really into pearls.

    So I decided to go crazy and give her a whole bunch of pearls for Valentine's - we'd be able to find out once and for all whether she really liked pearls or was ho hum about them.

    I settled on giving her 5 pieces. I was debating whether to give these to her all at once or space them out over time to give me more 'bang' for my buck.

    I decided to give them all to her. I arrived early at the restaurant and discussed with the wait staff how I'd like them to bring a set with each dish - 5 dishes - 5 pearl sets - seemed like a plan - the restaurant was very obliging - I really appreciated their help (and gave them a big tip!)

    First up - a pair of freshadama earrings that got delivered with our starter. So far so good - she was already wearing the pearl pendant I had gotten her and slipped on the earrings - then went to the bathroom to check them out - she was in there a LONG time.

    Well that's a good sign.

    Next up - Jeremy's Jan special - 8-9mm gem quality Silver with rose overtune that Kirsten helped me pick out (she also helped me pick out the earrings since I'm so new to pearls).

    She put that on to - over the pearl pendant - she was smiling pretty broadly - ok that's a good sign.

    Next up was the 7-8mm multi-color exotic - these really took her breath away - I had no idea she was so into non-white pearls - hey this is working out well!

    Next up was the 8.5-9.5 multi-color exotic with dessert - she liked these as well since they were so big - she especially likes one of the ones on the strand that looks metallic to her.

    Last up on the after dessert menu were the 8-9mm freshadama lavender colored earrings - she really liked these too - she said that color was her favorite (note to self).

    On the way home she said all she needed now was a string of black Tahitian pearls - so much for wondering if she likes pearls or not - she has good taste picking those really expensive Tahitian ones huh!

    Anyway, you have NO IDEA how relieved I am that she likes her Valentine's day gift - time will time how much she really likes them but so far as of tonight she can't stop staring at them and playing with them in the light. WHEW.

    Thanks to everyone at Pearl Paradise who spent endless hours with me to make this one of the best Valentine's ever for my girlfriend and I.

    Does anyone else have a Valentine's day story?

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    Wow, you are very generous --and brave! So glad for you that she was happy with the pearls-- and I had to chuckle about the Tahitians! Better save up for that upcoming gift, LOL!!

    No Valentines pearls for me. But my exotics should be here next Tuesday and then I'll have some fun!


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      Great planning!! That was a wonderful idea and truly came from the heart. I'm glad your hard work paid off.
      "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did." - Mark Twain


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        Sigh, I couldn?t even spend the day together with my boyfriend since he?s in England and I in Sweden (Stockholm, Jerin), so no, no pearls.
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          Pandaexpress - how generous and thoughtful you are! Your girlfriend is incredibly lucky!

          I got pearls for Valentines Day, but I bought them for myself! Oh well, any excuse to have pearls ...... two strands of lavendar 9-10mm freshwaters, low priced, from my favourite e-Bay seller, there lots of blemishes, but still surprisingly beautiful.


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            Nope. My husband doesn't know enough about pearls to suit my tastes. To his credit though, he set my whole pearl fetish off many years ago with my first pair of black pearl earrings on valentine's day.


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              Oh, and pandaexpress...Kudos to you for being knowledgeable about jewelry and wanting the best for your girlfriend. You are one in a million!


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                That sounds so wonderful...I'm glad she loved the pearls too! So much planning and thought put into that one evening; so sweet!

                I don't have any Valentine's stories this year to share that can even compare to that! But...my boyfriend gave me a sterling silver and crystal ring for Christmas our first year together but after 2+ years it was looking all banged up and dirty no matter how many times I went to clean it or had it cleaned in jewelry stores. So this Valentine's he got me a special replacement for it in the form of a new gold ring with diamonds Quite a step up, if you ask me! And I love it too. I also got my exotics (almost) in time for Valentine's too so that's a plus!
                A semi-serious beader with a newfound love for pearls


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                  Hi everyone and thanks for all your nice Valentine?s day experiences!

                  I hope to get my "Valentines" at the end of next week and my husband and I had to comfort us with sweet heartshaped pastries!


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                    Originally posted by pandaexpress View Post
                    Does anyone else have a Valentine's day story?
                    Not like that! Wow, what a wonderful surprise for your girlfriend, congratulations on pulling it off!



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                      That's such a terrific story. You were soooo thoughtful. And she didn't mess around with giving hints, she told you how you can follow up next time. It's nicer to know what someone really wants, than to have to guess.

                      Unfortunately, my flower truck broke down again this year, but you know I treated myself in Tucson, thanks to Care Ehret!!!


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                        I am so impressed by your generosity, thoughtfulness and creativity!!! Your girlfriend is blessed. Thank you for telling us about your romantic evening. It made me smile.

                        My family was sick on Valentines Day (my husband with the flu and myself with a cold), so it was a bust.


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                          I really owe everyone on this board a huge debt of gratitude for all their support and education. You guys ROCK! Yesterday I brought my GF to meet Jeremy & Kirsten at PP - what fun. I was really so excited about this visit. My GF decided to make the 8-9mm freshadama lavender's studs that Jeremy's matched to the exotic strands - into dangles and then she is looking to make the Freshadama pendant into a different findings.

                          Does anyone know where to get this style in 18k white gold?


                          Or any more whimsical designs in 14k white gold or 18k white gold? We haven't found any yet on other sites but maybe people on this board know?

                          Oh she also got to try on her dream tahatian strand but of course she wants the one with the diamonds in it now. She looked at Jeremy's 10-12mm AA+ which she liked but she said she wanted something even shiny - he he he.

                          Thanks everyone!


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                            That was pretty brave to take your "kitten" to the "canary shop"!