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How are pearls shipped?

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  • How are pearls shipped?

    If you've never ordered pearls online or much jewelry in general online you may be a little pensive about how they will be packed and how they will be shipped. When I started, I wasn't so much pensive as just curious and of course dying with excitement to receive them. So I took pics of how my pearls from pearl paradise arrived. I live in LA (lucky me!) so pearl paradise is very close - about an 50 minutes away with traffic (that's pretty close in LA) and so my orders from them generally arrive a day after they are shipped (obviously if you live further away it will take longer for you to get them unless you opt for overnight shipping).

    Anyway, so here are my pics...
    1) Arrives in a generic cardboard box so no one knows what is in it - the name of the company is NOT listed on the front
    2) Your precious jewels are in their own free gift box from PP, then put into a sturdy white box, then bubble wrapped. Then they also put that foam popcorn stuff around the boxes so that it does not move much during shipping and provides extra cushioning
    3) Also included (from left to right) is your appraisal, your boxes, your receipt, a card about the type of pearls purchased, and your pearl points card with the discount code for your next order

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    Hi Pandaexpress,

    we members in Europe are up an about by now so I am going to answer your post. It is funny to see what the packages from PP look like, however, if I would live in the L.A. area I most certainly would make an appointment at PP just to be able to see the different strands. What?s 50 km?

    Perhaps next time you are thinking of buying you could take your girlfriend on a surprise visit to the PP:s office? Just remember to give them a call before so they can book you! How I envy You!

    To get back to the packaging though, I normally order international USPS and then the pearls arrive in a nice strong envelope, no bubbles but everything else is included as in your pics shown. Sometimes I get lucky and the envelope goes not through a check at customs, but that is not very often the case, unfortunately. My last order took 9 days, that is very fast, normally 14 days to 21 days are the norm...

    So You see how lucky you are living nearby! Great photos
    and of great interest to members who have not ordered yet, I am sure. The same good packaging comes from Amanda (Pure Pearls) and all other online vendors in the U.S. I have ordered from.


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      Pandaexpress and Jerin -

      Thanks for the info about shipping. I'm in Thailand and did worry about how the pearls would get over here. Its nice to know Pearl Paradise takes such good care of all shipments. I've received some things packaged poorly with dented boxes, holes etc. and I surely wouldn't want that to be the case when I finally get my pearls! Now, I just need to wait for my husband.

      Thanks again. This is a great site.
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