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    I still do my "circuit" twice a year for clothes, accessories, shoes and yes, household items wholesale in China. The savings pay for the trips themselves and I get away from my job. After my little business flopped I think I've learnt a hard lesson. Much more wary than I used to be. Haven't finished reading your book but it only serves to reinforce good old common sense - people need to be critical when starting up. I'm no good with gut feelings so it's critical analysis and rationalization after rationalization until I feel that almost nothing can go wrong before I do anything now. Business is exciting, but the pain of losing out financially is simply unbearable to me at present. I'll probably stick to my day job before I try again, and most probably only online with a small inventory just for interest.

    I do think freshies are the best for entry level small businesses in the pearl business. With the improvement in quality and the mass market target, you probably won't lose much if you get decent quality. People can tell the difference. I'd be wary of getting into the higher end goods until you build up credibility. PP didn't mushroom overnight.
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      Hi guys, Thank you so much for all the information. It is certainly very much appreciated. I will absolutely take your advice on everything.




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        BTW, when is CP&J going to be completed? I probably wouldn't go have a look, but sometimes in moments of weaknesses I tend to venture to the smaller Chinese cities just for fun before realizing I really need the comforts of a modern city. I love exploring China.
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          Welcome to Zhuji, JBLOGGS.
          jshepherd's suggestion is soawesome! that is very good travling guide.
          I am from Zhuji, China.I would like to give you some more explain about jshepherd's guide.
          1. What is the best way to carry your money in china?...I will be going with around $20k. Do you change all to the local currency, go with dollars (cash) or travellers cheque?
          yes, just as jshepherd said, skip the cheques. few chinese like payment of cheque.If you don't like carry too much money, negotiation with your suppliers, they should agree to accept your term of leave deposit.
          Dollars is ok
          BTW,Credit Card is not supported in the market.
          2. In Zhuji, do you also bargain at the factories? Are the factories close to the market?
          Yes, Most of foreign customers are bargain with us.factories are inside and outside of shanxiahu pearl market.old pearl market is too small to hold too much factories.the CP&J is still under construction.There are several big pearl companies, Shanxiahu Pearl Group(also called Qianzu Pearls,mainly pearl jewelry with sterling silver ),Ruans Pearls,Pearls of angel, Jiali Pearls,Sanshui Pearls(focus on loose beads).Their major revenue are from their HONGKONG branches.You can find branches in pearl market.It is hard to say how much Competitiveness they have compare to middle or little size factories.
          BTW,I'd like to talk more about hotel. Hailiang Hotel is a professional choice.New comer can not find it.You can order it online.(CTRIP.COM is bigest travling service website in China.)You can search Hailiang Hotel in Zhuji City.I attch two link about hailiang Hotel.
          We also arrange our customers live in Zhenyue Hotel where sit in Zhuji city.It is 3 star rating hotel too.
          jshepherd's route is good. First from Shanghai to Hangzhou by train then take taxi to Zhuji.You will take 2 hours to Hangzhou then 1 hour and a half to Zhuji. Remeber, Pearl market close in 17:00 and open in 8:30. I trnaslate a Train time table to you.Hope it can give you a bit help.I can not past it on the forum,please click here.

          3. What is the best way to ship...via FEDEX? or via shipping agents (where can I find them in Zhuji)?
          Don't worry about the shipping.Your suppliers will arrange shipping good. There have several Shipping agents and Fedex, TNT branches around pearl market.Remember to Reminded your supplier sending tracking number. Don't let your supplier ship with big packages,sometimes there will be custom problems in your end.Don't worry,it is rare and easy to resolve.

          4. Which is better.....shopping at the factories or at the market?
          It doesn't sames have too much different.Almost every merchant in the market has his nwn factory. Because here is Zhuji, the original source of China freshwater pearl. Some factories are outside the market,some even don't put a mark on their factory's building.

          Zhuji Shanxiahu Pearl Market

          Sorry for my poor english, hope I could express clearly.
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            It seeems clear enough to me! It is great to see an informative non-advertorial post come from Zhuji.
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              I will add more info about shaoxiahu pearl market.


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                there are 4 toilets in shaoxiahu pearl market.Toilet paper is a must take, most of public toilets do not supply paper in china.That maybe one of the worse things in your zhuji trip.


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                  Zhuji Weather
                  Shaoxing is the closest location to Zhuji.


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                    Hey, just wanted to add a tip. In Japan, especially in the country side, many bathrooms don't have toilet paper either. So if you go, rather than bring a whole roll of tp, bring the small, disposable tissue packs. They fit much easier and don't unravel.