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Freshadama lavender vs. pink vs. white

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  • Freshadama lavender vs. pink vs. white

    If you own or have seen all three do you have a preference? I'm just curious. I've been looking at photos on the PP website and trying to figure out what types of colors and clothing each one would go well with and what kinds of overtones each type would have.

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    Well, I love the white the best, but that's because that's what looks best on me. It goes with everything, though tends to be more "dressed up" than either the pink or lavender. The great thing about the colored strands is that you can dress them up or down. They'd look great with jeans, but you could also wear them to work or out to dinner.

    I had something like 3 different lavender strands sent to me from PP, and I ended up returning each one because I couldn't find one that looked good with my particular skin tone. I tried lavender that leaned towards pink and one strand that leaned towards bronze. I ended up concluding that, while I love the look of the lavender, it's just not for me.


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      I love my white Freshadama strand, and find it works particularly well with button-downs & jeans/twills. I wear them everywhere- grocery shopping, toddler time at the library, church, etc.

      As for the colors... I had a pair of earrings made with white Freshadama rounds suspended from pink (tending toward lavender) Freshadama rounds, and planned on wearing them with white or pink tops. I was surprised to find that they also work with other colors but look especially fantastic with black. I guess it depends on what colors you wear, but I think if you really want a colored strand rather than white you'll find it "goes with" more than you planned on.


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        I have lavendar and white and love them both. I tend to wear the lavendar a little more, though.


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          Choosing colors really depends on not only your personal preference but your skin tones and the clothing you like to wear. The peachy pink pearls look really lovely on most skin tones and look best with lighter colored clothing, especially white and yellows. The lavenders look really awesome on olive skin and with darker clothing.

          I really think that in the end, it's truly a matter of personal preference.


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            Interesting. I've been so afraid to even try the peachy-pinks. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and a pale skin with pink undertones. I have been afraid the peachy-pinks would make me look...uh...peachy pink. On the other hand, on me, the lavenders, I think, look even more flattering than the white with ros? overtones. I guess it does just depend on each indivdual person. I guess it could be the strand I got. I did tell the people at PP my coloring when I asked them to choose a strand.


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              Thanks for the opinions. I'm actually thinking of earrings and am now leaning towards pink ( or is it really peach ? ) or lavender. I guess I could buy one or the other and if I don't like it exchange it for the other color. I have a pretty neutral skin tone so I think I could go either way.


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                Casey, if you are thinking about earrings, have you considered a pair like these: http://www.pearlparadise.com/detail.aspx?ID=666? I suspect Pearl Paradise could make them with Freshadamas rather than AAA pearls. It looks like you can wear all 3 pearls or remove a couple to wear a single color. That way you wouldn't have to choose!
                I am biased to drop styles, though - wouldn't help if you're a post kinda person.


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                  Wow Boo, thats not a bad idea.