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    Golden rule - Quality comes with the price.


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      Hi Kheri
      I just went to your website to look at the pearls. What do yu mean by AAA+? I am especially confused by your tahitian AAA+ for $148?
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      How to hand-knot pearls without a tool

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        I would also add that quality does not come with the price. This is not even true in the retail world. Quality comes from education and sourcing. Retail prices are always high, but how often do you find pearls in any retail jewelry store that are even marginally nice?

        On the Web that golden rule is false.
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          One thing to look for when purchasing online is something that is missing from the pearls shown on Macy's website - grading. Generally speaking, if you go to a website looking for pearls and they do not tell you what the grade of the pearl is, it will be a low quality pearl.

          The other thing to keep in mind is that you will almost never find a higher quality Freshwater pearl from someone other than those who deal in pearls. Department stores are good for clothing, some accessories (like belts and ties and scarves) and housewares. If I want tools I go to a hardware store. If I want lawnmower I go to an outdoor equipment store. If you want pearls, you should go to a pearl store.


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            Originally posted by Pearls_by_Angela_Carol
            Generally speaking, if you go to a website looking for pearls and they do not tell you what the grade of the pearl is, it will be a low quality pearl.

            ... and what they, who-knows what they're saying (with the grades).
            There was a nice thread about this: HERE.

            Clearly, some shops know what they are saying, some don't and some know and have no interest to tell you Since there's no knowing which is what without independent grading (for example)... But hey, what else is new!

            For better or worse, there isn't any independent grading for pearls (gemology labs do at most identification, and no one else took this task up just yet). IMO, a forum like this that allows outsiders' opinions freely is a pretty good barometer at least for pear sellers and their in-store grading gains weight too. Sure I can't check this, but this reasoning is one excuse I find myself for having fun posting that much on jewelry-related websites (they do some good!).

            My 2c


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              Diamond equivalent to PearlParadise.com

              I used PearlParadise.com to purchase these pearls.

              Now, I'm looking for the Diamond equivalent...

              Does anybody know a good/cheap/quality place to purchase diamonds?