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Trying to choose a white metallic freshwater strand ...

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  • Trying to choose a white metallic freshwater strand ...

    I'm new here, and new to pearls! I need help picking my first strand!

    I'm 33, 90lbs, 5'1". I was thinking a good starter one would be white metallic freshwater from PP, 16", 7-7.5mm.

    PP sent me a couple of pics of what they currently have, I'd like your opinion on:
    Which one has less of a green undertone? I was thinking the middle one is less green.
    Do you see the one luster-less pearl in the middle strand? That bothers me, is this normal?
    Overall, what do you think of these?

    Your input is much appreciated!
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    I agree that the middle strand looks like it has less-green undertones, but you might want to tell PP specifically that you want to avoid those tones, which are very common in metallic white pearls. (Personally I love the green undertones, as they make the pearls pop whiter against my skin.)

    I see the pearl you are referring to; the undertone is a bit lighter than the rest of the pearls, but in the bottom photo it doesn't look dull. However you could ask them to put that pearl closer to the clasp, or swap it out.

    Don't forget to use Pearl Points to save a bit of money on your purchase. See links at the bottom of the PP page.


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      I like the middle strand best, too. And I agree with Pearl Dreams. You can ask PP to pull that dull pearl and either swap it out or put it near the clasp. PP has great customer service, so don't be afraid to ask. And yes, use the Pearl Points!


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        Thanks for the replies! Three more questions Sorry, I'm a total noob ...

        1. How is the roundness of these? It's supposed to be AAA, do these look very round to you? I can't really judge from the picture.
        2. Overall compared to white metallic FWs, do you think these are good or is it worth waiting until March for the new batch? I'm not in a rush, other than being excited to have them!
        3. I don't know what each color of pearls will look like on my skin, my bias against green undertone is from pictures of strands on white background. Maybe they look better than the pink one on my skin. How would I know? I'm the skin color of Kim Kardashian, does anyone know how the green undertone looks like on my kind of skin?

        I went to a local B&M and tried on a Mikimoto FW strand, I thought it had a strong green undertone, looked somewhat translucent on my skin. But I don't know how that would compare to the PP FW white metallics.


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          My skin is lighter toned than what you describe, but you may wish to look at the photos of my metallic white AAA strand on the following thread:

          As you can see they have a strongly green undertone on the paper towel photographed under a daylight spectrum lamp-- but on my skin they just look white.
          The Freshadama strand next to the metallic whites in two of the photos are silver-rose. On my skin they blend in too much, look less white. This is why I prefer the strong green undertone.

          The AAA are not fully round, no-- but on one's neck they look a lot rounder than they do when laid flat on a table. However, the bottom strand in your photos looks the roundest of the three. (Actually they look even rounder than my strand.)

          If roundness is critical to you, the AAA grade metallic whites may not be round enough to satisfy you. You could ask PP to look for a Freshadama grade metallic white strand, which will be rounder, but they are are harder to come by. You may have to wait. Expect to pay more for a Freshadama grade strand.


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            I have a rope of small white AAA metallics (6.0-6.5mm, I think, 48 inches). I almost sent them back because they were off-round. I decided to wear them out to dinner that night first. After seeing how they looked on, round to the eye, bright white with very sharp luster, there was just no way I'd give them up. Love them!

            Click image for larger version

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              Those look wonderful on you, Sea Urchin!


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                PP has a great return policy. I think you have 100 days to return them.

                Buy them, try them on, and then judge. They completely change when you put them next to your skin. Pearls that look like nothing in a box will suddenly glow on your skin. And sometimes pearls you think you'll like just look like nothing when worn. You have to see them in person.

                And don't feel bad about sending them back if you don't like them. There are plenty more pearls in the sea for you to try.


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                  Ask for the lacklustre pearl to be changed out. I like the middle and the bottom


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                    Thanks everyone for the replies!

                    Pearl Dreams, your white metallic strand is amazing. Now I don't know if the pinkish strand (middle one) is the right one. Yours looked very white on your skin, it's gorgeous! That's exactly the look I want, something that pops.

                    Sea Urchin, your strand looks round to my eyes. It's beautiful!

                    I asked about Freshadama metallics, they said they don't have any in white metallic at this time.

                    I asked for more options, something that they think would look white/silvery on olive colored skin. I'll post pics when they send.


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                      Remember they have a great return policy so if a given strand doesn't work on your skin, you can send it back within 90 days. You could also buy two and choose the better of the two, returning the other.


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                        I like the middle and bottom strands! My metallics have green undertones and subtle pink overtones and I just love them. They exhibit a soap bubble like effect but look very white on.


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                          If you are not in a hurry, I would suggest you to wait for Metallic Freshadama!

                          I was actually running into the same situation - the Metallic they had were AAA. Back then they offered promo so I purchased White Freshadama with the promo price. Months later, Hisano reached back to me with great news and the Metallic Freshadama was worth the wait!! A friend of a friend who run jewelry store that also sells pearl wholesale would not believe me (from the pictures I showed him) that they are freshwater pearls!!

                          and yes PP has great customer service and return policy.


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                            Myizzkie, I'm going to just post the link to your thread about your 8-8.5mm metallic Freshadama strand. You have great photos:



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                              Myizzkie, your freshadama metallic strand is why I started looking for the FW metallics, I LOVE IT! I'm not in a rush but I don't think I can wait until March, that's too far away.

                              Okay I have three more options from PP. I decided I shouldn't have prejudice against green undertones, they might look better on my skin, as Pearl Dreams' strand does.

                              From these options, I think the bottom one has mismatching colors, do you see that?

                              Would love to know which is your favorite here, including the three options I posted before. And the matching studs (8-9mm). Are these more round than the ones before?
                              Click image for larger version

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