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Grade variation within a strand

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    Obviously, pearl sellers vary substantially on grading philosophy (what makes an AA/AAA ect), but is there an industry norm how the seller's subjective classification applies to a strand of variable quality?


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      in my experience deal with buyer from worldwide, we make a simple grading.
      for wholesale pearl, we do not have AAA, or AA, we only have, A Grade, B Grade, C Grade, D Grade we put in low grade. D,E,F etc....

      some of my buyer will accept A grade if the spot on the pearl only one, some of my buyer will not accept that as A grade, why buyer accept one spot as A grade, since if you hole the pearl the hole will gone. short, in wholesale the grade is, A,B,C and Low grade. Round pearl and Good Shape.

      hope this can help you
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        The compilation of these professional comments adds up to the fact and the practice of most dealers, like myself. I've been selling person to person wholesale for 40 years and the A-AAA or maybe add AAA+ is common and used often where the rub comes in is one persons AA is another persons AAA. At one time that was the big mess in GIA diamond grading. There are always opinions of quality. Thats life.


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          Comparing one company's AA with another's may vary as this thread has said. One thing has not been said yet, and that is that all pearl grading systems run on a continuum from the worst to the best. So, within each grade, no matter how the grade is sliced out of the continuum, there will also be a continuum from the worst examples of the grade to the best. Then, a necklace will be made from pearls within its own continuum. This matters the most in the AAA grade, because the best of the AAA grade is usually sold as being earring quality or gem quality. This gem grade is the top chosen % of the AAA continuum.

          Also, it may only be a few few better pearls that makes the difference between AA's top and AAA's bottom. That's why some pearls are called AA+ They are AA with a few more AAA individual pearls in there.

          If you can look at a seller's top grade best pearls and tell if they are not really top pearls, compared to a known line- Say Pearl Paradise's, then that seller is setting his entire continuum lower. You will not find the absolute top freshwaters sold on Ebay as a rule. So, if the seller calls something AAAA, it probably would barely make AAA on PP's scale, so call almost any Chinese pearls on Ebay AA+ at the very best, and go down from there. (the exception being if the luster is fabulous. In that case, other factors may be AA or so, but it doesn't matter, if you are a luster freak.)

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            Difficult subject answered very well. Kudos.