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    To answer the questions above, yes-- Power Pro is braided fishing line. Actual fishing line. That is what we use for stringing.

    It's not that the thread stretches, it's that a heavy necklace-- whether it's heavy because the pearls are large or because the necklace is long-- will just cause the knots to tighten over time. When stringing, I tighten my knots quite firmly but even so, over time the knots will tighten even more. That is what leaves little gaps. Same goes for other synthetic thread such as Pattye's Serafil thread and Beaders Secret.

    If the pearls are smaller or if you don't wear the necklace much, it will take a longer time for this to happen.

    If it were me, I'd stick to Serafil or Beaders Secret because it comes in a wider range of colors for pearls.


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      I agree with PD. My Beaders Secret does NOT stretch. The knots tighten, which makes the thread between the knots get longer, and that's when the pearls start slipping, It appears as if the necklace has stretched, but the thread itself didn't stretch. I can tighten knots until the necklace kinks, and the knots will still tighten and the necklace relax over time.


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        Thanks for all the help, all.

        Now, off to find some gimpless clasp parts.