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Pearl Nacre Defined
Nacre, also known as mother-of-pearl, is a crystalline substance that creates the iridescent visual effect attributed to pearls.

Nacre is an organic substance secreted by mollusks to produce their shells. It may be used to protect the animal against an intruder (the so called "irritant") or an implanted nucleus in pearl farming.
It is a strong and resilient material that is lightweight, reflective and translucent, allowing light to pass through its surface as well as...

Imitation Pearls - Faux Perles

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Imitation Pearls Defined
Imitation pearls are products elaborated to simulate the appearance of cultured or natural pearls, but do not possess same natural chemical composition or physical properties nor origin (a living organism) of cultured or natural pearls.

A group of Artificial/Imitation/Faux Pearls.

Imitation pearls are man-made or man-worked or faux perles, as they are known in the jewelry trade.

Imitation Pearls are Manufactured in Factories

Imitation pearls are artificial...

The Pearl of Allah: The Facts, the Fiction, and the Fraud

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By Caitlin Williams and Kathie Hodson

The Pearl

Millions of dollars, arranged murder, historical fabrications, journeys across vast oceans and battles in court? all are attached to what some people have called the ugliest pearl in the world. Complex and treacherous like the myriad folds on the surface of the 14-pound baroque pearl (the world's largest), so too are the tales and trials surrounding the famed Pearl of Allah. Since the day of its discovery, the Pearl of Allah, otherwise known...

Pinctada radiata

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Naming Problems

Ever since Shohei Shirai's book "Pearls and Pearl Oysters of the World" (1994) came out, many species that were once believed to be different have been confirmed as actually belonging to one species. Such is the case for the Pinctada imbricata species, that now encompasses species that were once considered unique to one area. Under this name we now have the former species of "Akoya" pearl oysters: P. fucata, P. martensii, P. radiata, P. anomioides, P. vulgaris, and several...

Scallop Pearls (Pectinidae)

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Scallop Pearls Defined
A scallop pearl is a non-nacreous calcareous concretion produced by any member of the Pectinidae (scallop) family. Pectinids are known for their uniquely blue colored "eyes" (actually, known as simple-eyes) found in their mantle and for their ability to "swim" using their shells and mantle to create stong "jet-streams".

Scallop Pearls, the Pacific "Lion's Paw"
Unlike other non-nacreous pearls such as the melo-melo and conch pearls, the scallop pearl comes from a...

Pinctada nigra (Gould, 1850)

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Pinctada nigra (Gould, 1850)

Common Synonyms
P. atropurpurea (Dunker, 1852)
P. flexuosa (Reeve, 1857)
P. sheepmakeri (Dunker, 1872)
P. reentsii (Dunker, 1872)
P. tristis (Dunker, 1872)
P. natalensis (Jameson, 1901)

P. nigra pearls are rare and generally inferior. They were used historically for traditional medicine and inexpensive decoration. This species is found in South Africa, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Borneo and Madagascar.

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