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Pearl Matching

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Pearl Matching Defined

Pearl matching is evaluation of the complete appearance of a pearl strand, pair or multi-pearl piece of jewelry.
Matching can encompass size, color, and quality. A well-matched strand is composed of pearls that complement each pearl above and below, and directly across as the strand drapes.

The Difficulty in Pearl Matching: No two Pearls are Alike

Because pearls are natural, organic gems, no two of them are identical. Therefore, when a piece of jewelry contains more...

Pearl Color

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Pearl Color Defined

A pearl's color is described as a combination of its bodycolor and its overtone.
Bodycolor is separated into two categories: cool hues and warm hues.
Cool hues range from reddish purple to yellowish green while warm hues range from purplish red to greenish yellow.
Overtones are the overlying color that appears to float over the surface of the pearl.

A Pearl's Color is Multifactorial
Pearls come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from white all the way to black. Here...

Pearl Luster

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Pearl Luster Defined
Pearl Luster (also spelled Lustre) is the measurement of the quality and quantity of light that reflects from the surface and just under the surface of a pearl. The word comes from the Latin Lux which translates into "Light".

Pearl Luster is the Unique Shine that give Pearls their Beauty
Luster is the quality or quantity of brilliance of the surface of the pearl. The more lustrous the pearl, the more it shines and reflects light and images. In general, saltwater pearls...

Grading Pearls

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Pearl Grading Defined
Pearl Grading is the practice of assigning degrees of quality to a pearl or a piece of pearl jewelry based of the quality attributes designated by industry best practices and authority groups such as PSLJ (Pearl Science Laboratory of Japan), SSEF (Swiss Gemological Institute), GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and EGL USA.

There Is No Industry-Wide Standard Pearl Grading System
The single most important thing to understand about pearl grading is that no...

The Pearl Necklace

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The Pearl Necklace Comes in Many Sizes and Colors

The "classic" piece of pearl jewelry is, of course, the pearl necklace. Akoya pearls are the most traditional type of pearl used in necklaces, but freshwater pearls, Black Tahitian pearls, and large South Sea pearls are also used, often to stunning effect. Akoyas, of course, exhibit the traditional white, silver, or cream colors, while Tahitians and South Sea pearls yield pearl necklaces ranging from bright white to darker tones. Freshwater...

Caring for Your Pearls

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Pearl Care
Pearls are the world's only organic gem and are composed mainly of calcium carbonate. This means special attention is required to ensure pearls will stay beautiful and last a lifetime.

Pearls Require Special Care

Because pearls are an organic gemstone, they are different from other gemstones and precious metals.
They are softer and more delicate, and they can therefore be more easily scratched, cracked, and damaged.
In addition, substances such as perfume and hair spray -and...

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