Received today. Quality?


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May 29, 2015
Having been bitten buy the pearl bug with my estate sale finds, I tried ebay. This is a 30.75" strand. Seller listed as 7mm, seems about right to me just using a ruler. Seller says she bought it in NYC in the 80s. The clasp is 14k. I've never seen a clasp like this before. The pearls are dirty but seem to have great lustre. What do you think of the quality?
Thanks 1stpearl. :)
I'm undecided about keeping them. I wish they were a little longer to double as a necklace. Considering making two double bracelets for my daughters (if I ever get going on learning to string). Until they are older, I could just wear both bracelets. ;-)
I think they look lovely and will look even better when cleaned and restrung.

Yes, two double bracelets would be good especially if you can wear them while waiting...