Pearls at the Red Dot Awards



Among the most notorious design competitions world-wide, the jewelry section of the Red Dot awards commends several pearl designs. 'Thought you might like them too :cool:

There are more on the website.

THIS is a teaser :p

Hi Valeria,

A shame this one wasn't modelled, I think it doesn't show so well just laying there----however, it looks like they used high quality pearls.

so many pearls, so little time
Hi Valeria,

Thanks for posting the link to the pearl loop necklace...very unique, although it's difficult to see what it would look like hanging, isn't it?

I tried to see other pearl designs, but wasn't able to find any--I tend to be an impatient clicker on websites though, so probably missed it in my haste. I'll try again. Or feel free to post another link. :D

Found four... not exactly that many. The entire jewelry section is not that big. Lots of German names with Bunz and Niessing taking the cake.


Now... the entire Red Dot website is down for some reason! :(

The one posted extracetd an 'AH!' at first sight ... imagining a version using polished shell instead of the gold plates. Preferably from the same beasts that produced the pearls in the first place... Just a random pleasant thought! ;)
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