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  • Hiya Rana!

    I'll be away on vacation in a couple of days and don't want to miss your birthday so I'm sending you early greetings! You'll be what, 89 on July 29th? You look pretty okay for a golden ager who's had mumps three times on three different continents. And how's the high life going? Surely newly made multi-millionaire hubby has finally loosened the grip on his wallet and credit card. I wonder what he is getting you this year. He has such wonderful taste in reset jewels and old kitchen appliances from what I remember.

    When is your book coming out? Have you even finished it? Don't let all your research on how forums really work and how predatory buying takes place, go to waste! I remember you even mentioned a tentative title: Absurdistan.

    Ta ta for now.
    Hey Zeide, haven't heard from you for a while. How have you been? Nice avatar. You're looking good.
    Zeide admitted to fraud and lies before she left the forum. Her remaining posts may also make false claims.

    Send me urls from pages where she posted. It would greatly help in my clean-up program. She has 967 posts left. I need help finding them!
    Hey Zeide, my fine fibbing friend!

    How's the virtual P-G gulag!!? Often below zero, you say? Brrrrrrrr. Make sure you wear a hat and scarf or you risk getting mumps for the forth time! Of course, you can always "imagine" stumbling into a "dimentional hiatus" that takes you back to sunny and warm Indonesia, where you can re-live your childhood(so you told me) and run around barefoot. Or how about the perliculture research station in Heilongjiang? Any trips to Lop Nur lately? Jaipur? Zamonia?

    Are you still congladiating ?? Win any tournaments lately? I'm sure you're still practising ...

    PS. Too bad you didn't heed Walter Moer's warnings about not trusting a Troglotroll. Yes, too bad indeed. Heheheh.
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