Pearlie Sue

My name is Susan, and I'm an art teacher from Texas. I'm a proud crazy cat lady with two fur children, Bobo and Sam. I've been collecting estate jewelry since I was 14 and my mother would take me with her to estate jewelry stores. (So really, this is all her fault). In all my years of collecting I've only picked up one pearl piece, however. I'm ashamed to say it, but next to sparkling diamonds and gemstones, vintage pearls seemed matronly and bland to me. And then I saw some really huge, fantastic pearls in real life, and the flip was switched. In the last couple of months pearls have become my new obsession. I have a feeling I won't be satisfied until I've collected all the different kinds!

Art, reading, knitting, crochet, crafting in general, obsessive online shopping...
May 1
Art teacher




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