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Recent content by LitGeek

  1. LitGeek

    Baroque Akoyas from PP April 2015 special

    I am so in love with the design!!! It is absolutely gorgeous Newberry! You were so right, those Akoyas are really something special! I am so happy for you! looking forward to more photos! Such a beautiful strand! Enjoy! What a lovely collection of blue Akoyas!!!
  2. LitGeek

    Show me your baroque pearl pendants!

    14mm wSS from Pearl Paradise with a custom setting PP ordered in for me. Pictured with wSS studs also from PP. I absolutely love my pendant!! The pearl has pink and aqua overtones and is stunning IRL. I wear it often! Looking forward to seeing what you choose. :cool:
  3. LitGeek

    Shouldn't the double strands be touching?

    There is no rule per say, just what makes you happy. I prefer my white rounds nested, but I would definitely choose to have Tahitian or South Sea baroques with a space between them. Hisano (Pearl Paradise) did a perfect job with my Freshadama/Metallic AAA double strand! They are very comfortable...
  4. LitGeek

    Oh these earrings!!!

    I came across a pair of gorgeous Nikos Koulis Spektrum earrings in Harper's Bazaar magazine done with Tahitian pearls, but found this white pearl version online and I have to say I am in LOVE :cool: These earrings are done in black gold with black diamonds, right in line with the chic trend of...
  5. LitGeek

    Pastel Tahitians

    I have pastel Tahitians from Josh/Kamoka, SoC pearls for earring dangles, and a mixed pastel Tahitian and wSS strand from Pearl Paradise. All of the pearls are absolutely gorgeous and coordinate very well together, and to be honest I would have a hard time picking a favorite. I purchased the SoC...
  6. LitGeek

    The White Round Pearl Necklace~Restyle It~Let's Get Creative!

    This is also a fun preppy way to wear a basic strand. Wearing my 18" freshadama 9-9.5mm strand from PP over an Everlane silk blouse and sweater. I paired my 11.8mm wSS studs with it, and wore light denim skinny jeans and dark brown leather aviator boots for a casual look.
  7. LitGeek

    The White Round Pearl Necklace~Restyle It~Let's Get Creative!

    Here is my new necklace from Pearl Paradise that Hisano designed for me. It is a double strand with a 16" 7-8mm metallic AAA and a 17" 8-9mm freshadama (almost metallic, but just short of qualifying) nestled with a white gold and diamond clasp. I paired the double strand with my 8.6mm natural...
  8. LitGeek

    first SSP earrings coming!

    Mine are 11.8mm and I absolutely love the size! My advice when you get them is to wear them a few times before you decide if the size is right for you. When I first received mine I thought they might be too large, but after wearing them a couple of times they felt just right. Lol, when I got my...
  9. LitGeek

    My new white South Sea Earrings and mixed strand from PP!

    Might as well add my other wSS pieces to this thread as they were hand selected by PP and purchased to mix and match with my other pieces. A girl has to have options ;) 11.8mm wSS studs and 14mm wSS custom pendant both from PP.
  10. LitGeek

    Comparative pearl sizes-- how much difference does 1mm larger really make?

    Here is another photo for comparison. Studs from left: 11.8 mm wSS and 8.6mm natural white hanadama akoya Freshadama strands rom top: 9-9.5mm soft rose, 9-9.5mm silver rose, and 8-9mm silver.
  11. LitGeek

    My new white South Sea Earrings and mixed strand from PP!

    Here is the bracelet Pattye (Patricia Saab Designs) made for me with Kamoka Tahtitians. Josh (Kamoka) selected these lovely 10-11mm pearls (and two cute keshis) to go with my SoC earrings and mixed Tahitian strand. I love having all of these special pearls to mix and match :cool:
  12. LitGeek

    My new white South Sea Earrings and mixed strand from PP!

    Here are the finished SoC pearl dangles! Pearl Paradise set the pearls with large 14k white gold eye pins so they could be worn as hoop dangles. Shown with the PP diamond huggie hoops:
  13. LitGeek

    SoC Huggie Diamond Hoops

    I recently ran across a thread that mentioned there were not enough photos of the amazingly beautiful Sea of Cortez pearls, so I thought I would add a couple of photos of my new earrings. If I remember correctly, the pearls are 10.8mm(ish) and were purchased directly from the farm. They were set...
  14. LitGeek

    Comparative pearl sizes-- how much difference does 1mm larger really make?

    Thank you so much for this chart Pearl Dreams! Thanks to you I ended up ordering my freshadama strand in the next size larger (9-9.5mm). I wouldn't have thought the size would have been that much larger, but according to your calculations IMO there is enough of a difference to justify the extra...
  15. LitGeek

    First Basic Strand Purchase

    I went back and found this posting on another forum (not PS). I think it is the Pearl Paradise comparison photo you are talking about, but I think the Pearl Queen who posted it added the letters. Here is the photo and her description: A ? White Metallic strand with silver and slight ivory...