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Recent content by Lindaphillipsbong

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    Kojimapearl blue Tahitian.

    Hello Pearl Peeps. Today I picked up my blue Tahitian pearl ring, and then went for a stroll with my father alongside the ocean. In the pearl's reflection, you can see the two of us sitting together on a bench, enjoying the view. My father was watching diving ducks, and the water, and I was...
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    My new freshwaters. :-)

    Hello Pearl Peeps: (I don't remember who coined that term first, but I love it.) I have another freshwater necklace from Pearl Paradise. This one is longer (36 inch), and the pearls are not quite as large or drop shaped. I put them all on today, like three necklaces. Got myself all excited...
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    My new freshwaters. :-)

    Hello PG friends; I couldn't keep these lovely pearls hidden away. They need to shine in cyberspace. They are 8/9mm drops. Thank you PearlParadise. I am branching out from Tahitians into new colours. Very happy. Linda.
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    Show us your Tahitians

    Photo comparison Photo comparison I like this idea of photo comparisons. I agree that usually the vendor photo looks a little more colourful than the real thing, but I also agree that vendors usually are the most skilled pearl photographers, and I also agree that eventually you learn to...
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    Pearls in HaLong bay, Vietnam.

    Hello pearl friends. I have just returned from a trip in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos. While in HaLong bay, on a boat, some pearls were brought out. They were presented as pearls grown in the ocean nearby in HaLong bay somewhere. I did not want to upset our host captain/chefs/bartenders...
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    My Pearl Adventure in Los Angeles.

    Hello pearl friends: here are some lovely items I purchased recently. An amazingly lustrous drop tahitian pearl from Kamoka pearls (on a gold chain). A custom-made multi-coloured tahitian baroque bracelet from PearlParadise; which mesmerizes me. I always stare at it, including when I am driving...
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    My new Sea of Cortez pearls (and a couple others).

    I know how much I love looking at all the PG'ers photos, so here I am again ..... with new pearls. *I will stop now. I will stop now. I will not, must not buy more pearls.* The pearls are from Sarah at Kojima Pearls. Green pearls for spring .... really, it's a no brainer. Linda.
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    My new Sea of Cortez pearls (and a couple others).

    Hello Pearl Friends: I have received my pearls from Mexico. They were a little more subdued in colour than I expected. But now that I have been wearing them, their unique look is becoming apparent to me, and I am loving them. There are "green" earrings, and a "purple" pendant, with gold. The...
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    Mana leather bracelet from Kamoka

    Hello Pearl Friends: Here are the photos of my bracelet. It is rugged and well made, and the pearl and MoP are quite lovely. One of the photos appears to show a chip on the corner of the MoP piece, but it is not a chip, I think it must be a light refraction abberration of some type. Looking...
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    Pearls available on Air Tahiti Nui

    re: Airline Pearl. re: Airline Pearl. Hello: Here is a photo. I have not used a flash, but instead put the pearl near a lamp. There is one obvious (to me) hole or "flaw" of some type on the front of it here. Other than that, it seems pretty smooth and uniform. Perhaps it could have more...
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    Pearls available on Air Tahiti Nui

    Hello pearl lovers. What a wonderful site I have found here. I am learning so much from everybody. Thank you all. I have just returned from Tahiti with my humble little group of pearls. I had so much fun looking at them all, and choosing a couple. I bought a baroque pendant, which I love, but...