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    2016 JCK Jeweler's Choice Awards - Pearls Edition

    Couldn't agree more Blaire - that diamond pave and Tahitian pendant from Maui I would wear everywhere! Back to the Yoko though - I have yet to see more than a pair of earrings on the red carpet ... I see their pearls on Pinterest and via trade publications, but no big name celebs rocking these...
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    2016 JCK Jeweler's Choice Awards - Pearls Edition

    Right?! I feel like I could start FanGirl-ing them so hard lol. Glad everyone's enjoyed the post so far :)
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    2016 JCK Jeweler's Choice Awards - Pearls Edition

    Another year, and another stunning array of jewels from the JCK Jeweler's Choice Awards! For some Friday "Eye Candy" I thought I'd showcase the winning pearl designs (and there are some doozies!). Enjoy! Maui Divers took home a prize in Best Ring Designs with this 18K Yellow Gold and...
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    Hole aroud drilling

    Definitely agree with Blaire here; as a vendor I'd be mortified and insist on replacing the pearl once you brought it to my attention.
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    A short 'little h' video

    Wow what an excellent video - great production (and of course, beautiful pearls and beautiful Hisano!). Thank you for sharing Jeremy!
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    Sourcing findings for a Golden Snitch Pendant

    I think yours is the prettiest and coolest Golden Snitch pendant I've ever seen, actually. I LOVE the highly stylized wings you found - they're PERFECT. Nice job, I hope you get to wear this for decades. It's really too cute!!!
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    Cortez Pearl Dreams!

    Totally gorgeous - I can't get enough of these colors!! <3
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    Help - what are GLA certified south seas pearls?

    GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is a well-known and respected school and gemological lab with offices and branches around the world. They established the science of gem and diamond grading and were the first institution in the world to attempt to formalize pearl grading. The GLA appears...
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    Help - what are GLA certified south seas pearls?

    I have never had the pleasure of speaking with anyone from the GLA, and this is quite honestly the first I've heard of them. I had to specifically search "GLA Gemological Lab, Los Angeles" to get Google to show me their site, so it would appear they're not well-known to the industry or they...
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    New to pearls...I know nothing!

    Hi BeadingHeart and welcome to the Forum! There is SO much information here, I know you'll quickly be a Pearl Expert. :) Let us know if you have any specific questions.
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    little h Takes JCK by Storm!!!

    Bravo!!! :)
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    Small size mm akoya rope

    72-Inches sounds DIVINE!! What a great length - I bet you can wrap that 4xs around your neck, yeah? I want one now lol.
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    Pearl Galleons

    My pleasure, really! ;) They reminded me a lot of the pearl sculptures Hokichi Mikimoto used to have done to display at the World's Fairs when he was alive. Haven't seen anything similar since.
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    Pearl Galleons

    A friend of mine found these and posted them to my Facebook Wall. I was just tickled pink with these incredible creations, and knew I had to share with PG! Aren't these amazing?! Not all of the pearls are genuine, cultured pearls but that's ok - the finished galleons are just really...
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    Why are Tiffany & Co keshi pearls so expensive?

    WOW. That is one crazy mark-up!!