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    This is a necklace with a 14k clasp. Size of the pearls is 8.0-8.5mm. I have no history on them other than they're vintage. I bought them because they seemed to want to come live with me.

    I don't know if the color is natural or enhanced. I don't see any pooling of dye.

    The first two pictures are accurate about the overall color, the third picture shows the overtones better.

    I'd appreciate ideas about what kind of pearls they are. Thanks!

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    They look like silver-blue Akoya pearls to me. I'm not an expert, though...


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      I thought they looked like silver-blue Akoyas, too. But I'm not an expert, either. I just happen to own some.

      They are lovely. Enjoy them. I find my blues go with everything.


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        Thanks to both of you for your replies. I was thinking blue akoyas, too. I have some baroque blue akoyas in rings and these looked very similar. I needed unbiased opinions, though, and I appreciate yours.


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          Awesome necklace. Naturally lustrous.


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            Mostly I'd say akoya but the last shot did make me pause and wonder...grey freshwater. They do sometimes have blue pink and/or green tones as well. Possibly the lustre would be the giveway. Any hint as to bead or not?
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              There's nothing about them that says bead or not bead. I can't seem to photograph the colors accurately. This image, next to some CCF, is close.
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                The pearls look like akoya to me, but in the first set of photos there appears to be dark dye concentrations in the inclusions and the colors are just slightly off. I don't think the color is natural.
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                  When I look at other people's pictures I'm often positive I know what they have. When I look at my own pearls in real life, I can have a lot of questions. That's why I appreciate all the opinions I've gotten.

                  My skill as a photographer are lacking, because these pearls are lovely in person, sort of like pale blue soap bubbles. No matter what they are, I love them and love wearing them. Thanks for your input, everyone.


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                    Blue soap bubbles sound just wonderful...they really are pretty!
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