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restringing pearls with a Mystery clasp

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  • restringing pearls with a Mystery clasp

    Hi, have recently started stringing pearls and the more straghforward jobs have been going ok, but I have two right now with mystery clasps. Does anyone know how to go about it? Does the side with the screw come apart? I'm just not sure what to do with the ends. Does the screw part have to be unglued and reglued? Any help would be terrific! thanks!

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    Now you know why they're called "mystery." I do my best to steer clear of them. To close the clasp, the strand is twisted which puts unnecessary stress on the strand. I agree they look pretty, but they aren't worth the trouble, in my opinion. Check with The Pearl Outlet, they use mystery clasps. Also Cliclasp works on the same principle. They may be able to help. Or you can try to replace the clasp with a pig-tail clasp which works on the same principle, however, there's no twisting of the strand to close the clasp.
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      thanks for your reply. I'm restringing them for a store I used to work for. Do you know if the screw has to actually be unlgued to be able to add that pearl to the string and then reglued back in place once it's done? If that's the case I may have to take a pass...


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        I really don't because I have always passed on mystery clasps. Check with Pearl Outlet before you give up a job.
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          Help...How to restring mystery clasp

          Hi...Did you ever find out how to restring pearls using that "cotton pickin" mystery clasp? The pearls with the clasp have been soaking in Rio Pearl Remover for 2 days and they are not even begining to release.
          Thanks, Margaret


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            Restringing with Mystery clasps


            you could also ask Jeremy at Pearl Paradise. Good luck. There seem to be no members on this forum who are used to work with these types of clasps, unfortunately.

            Hope you get an usable answer and then perhaps could open a new thread for us, explaining....


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              Providing an answer on precisely what to do with a mystery clasp - is like being able to precisely gauge the length of a rope - without seeing it.

              Working with a new strand - and a new clasp is one thing

              Working in a repair situation is a different matter (unless you where the last one to do the job)

              You dont know precisely what glue was used - what surprise might be lurking - and what workarounds might have been done to overcome some hidden problem.

              Unsetting the clasp is a bit specialised, but once the glue bond is removed - the rest of the rethread is usually straight forward - once you understand the principles of the clasp your working on.

              And theres the other complication - theres more then one design\principle of a mystery clasp, making it difficult to provide instructions as they all have their little quirks - again if its new no problem its a known entity - repairs are a different story.