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  • PP necklace length graphic

    In the necklace length graphic, the one when you click the "what is this?", does anyone have an idea what size the pearls are?

    I'm thinking its the not too big, not to small look I'm after.

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    Can you provide the link to the page you are looking at?


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      Sorry, should have done that first!

      It comes up when you click the "what's this" next to the necklace length drop down menu.



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        Ah! I never noticed that!

        I think the pearls may be 7-7.5 in that photo. What do others think?


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          I tried on some 8-9 in a store the other day, and also some 7-8. I liked both.

          I'm wondering what the prices are like for 8-8.5..... if they are much less than 8.5-9. And how they'd look.


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            This photo shows my metallic white FWP (8-8.5 mm) next to my 7-8mm Freshadamas. (They used to be sold in the 7-8mm range, which meant that a larger per cent of the pearls were on the smaller end of the range; nowadays they are sold in 7.5-8.0mm range which is larger overall.)

            link to photo: https://www.pearl-guide.com/forum/at...3&d=1353085747

            You can also see the difference in color-- my Freshadamas are silver rose, so a warmer shade than the metallic whites.

            I have to say that I prefer the larger size.
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              I keep staring at that photo - I love the larger size, but I guess I'm curious at the trade off with cost if I went for 8-8.5... I'm after Freshadama, but gee I love your metallics !

              I'm amazed at the colour difference, I'm hoping that if I get silver overtones they will be more white than your Freshadama strand?


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                If you look again at my Freshadama strand, you will see a couple of pearls that are whiter than the rest. Probably those have silver overtones. Depending on the light, the strand looks more uniform-- here is another shot of the same necklace (it was a bit long, 18.5" before I restrung it with a ball clasp):


                You could ask PP if they have a uniformly silver strand of Freshadamas.

                These two posts from show the metallics in different light conditions:


                Note that the metallics are not perfectly round...not as round as the Freshadamas-- but when they're worn this is not particularly noticeable from normal social distances, and the luster is out of this world! There is a limited number of these, so you would also have something that you might not find again...yes they cost more, but think how easy it is to blow the same money on not very many dinners out.

                EDIT: I really ought to add that they still have some metallics in the 7-8mm size: http://www.pearlparadise.com/70-to-8...klace4450.aspx
                You could request a photo of a couple of strands emailed to you....
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                  Sadly I'm not in a position to purchase yet - but I'm enjoying my research! Once I figure out what I want, and have saved what I need, I plan on waiting until the strand I really want becomes available

                  I'm also starting to obsess over Tahitians (oh dear...) strand or tin cup, haha!


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                    Ah, Tahitians! Someday, someday....