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Nucleated FW Pearls

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  • Nucleated FW Pearls

    What's the nacre thickness typically on bead nucleated FW pearls? (Have I already asked this? My gray matter isn't what it used to be.)

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    Hi Xeresana,

    I personally have no Fireballs, but if one looks at the tail, that would indicate rather thick nacre above the nucleus. My guess is perhaps more than 1 mm on the radius, a total of 2 mm.

    Of course, this could be changing very fast, as the farmers in China surely are out to make a fast buck, so perhaps in a couple of years it goes the same way as with the Akoyas. That would be a pity though!

    I hope some of our experts can tell us more........


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      Well, there are no regulations about nacre thickness. On the high quality I would guess some have at least 4mm, but there are some pretty lousy ones with lots of blemishes, pits, thin nacre. Only purchase from a trusted source.

      so many pearls, so little time


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        Uneven shape <=> uneven nacre distribution, methinks .

        I've only seen bad examples of these tailed pearls up-close so far, and the worst even have 'bald' spots with paper thin nacre over the nucleus, even if there is a thick-ish tail at the other end.

        Also found rounds and drops claimed to be nucleated, and have no idea of the depth of nacre on those.

        Just a thought...

        In fact, this thread is the first time I hear the question! The few reports about nucleated freshwater pearls found over the web are apparently too taken by the surprise of the mere existence of such pearls, to care about nacre thickness.