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Are Freshdamas worth it?

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  • Are Freshdamas worth it?

    As someone who has purchased them, I think they are. I'm a consumer - a regular joe blow living in LA working at a job just like most of you, not a merchant so I'm not an expert. And I'm pretty new to pearls, but here is my personal opinion - as a guy - when I compare Freshadama's to other levels of pearls available, I consider them high-definition in nature - i.e. HDTV Pearls! The shine and orient is more brilliant than any other freshwater type of pearl and revels the highest quality akoya pearls + being 100% nacre they will be more durable (appeals to my practical side). Check out the photos below to see what you think...

    I'm really glad to have found this forum because I was able to hit buy on a very expensive strand from Blue Nile but figured I should do more Googling. Then I found Premium Pearl and almost hit buy on them too - it was originally based on a google search text ad they are running - where they say - top yahoo ranked - not sure what sort of claim that is since the majority of the feedback I found about them based on this forum of very well informed consumers wasn't as high as some of the other online merchants that actually had BETTER and lower cost merchandise. I believe this claim they are running may be based on the fact that their search ads rank 'high' on the list - which is based purely on how much they are paying to get ranked first - not that they are a better company from a customer prospective - luckily, I decided to do more homework and luckily got educated about the best pearls to buy.

    Freshadama's are the best pearls I think you could buy today - so if you think the person you are buying them for deserves the best - it's hard to say don't get them - I can't really look my girlfriend in the eye if I know I didn't get her the best possible piece of jewelry. And as a guy - don't you want to buy HDTV pearls? I would! It's cheaper than the actual TV - ha ha. But that's just me and I live in LA - where we are little more vain than in other parts of the country / world so take that with a grain of salt

    Anyway, enjoy the pics - let me know what you think - they are a silver with rose overtune 8-9mm, 18"...
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    Hi Pandaexpress!

    Your Freshadamas are very lovely. What is your girlfriend thinking about them?

    It is the very best quality in Freshwater even though the luster of Hanadama Akoyas can?t be quite rivalled by them in my opinion. I do like the ball bearing effect but still prefer to buy Freshadamas if only possible, they are the ones that will last!

    Thanks for the pics and let us know what "she" thinks..


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      Thanks for the nice pictures. Are you happy with the silver/white gold ball clasp? Its seems to me that most pictures I see show pearls with a gold clasp. Most of what I wear is either white gold or platinum so I would want my pearl clasp to match.

      Does anyone else have comments/thoughts on a white vs. gold clasp?
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        Those are very nice. Congrats! Freshadamas always remind me of bubbles in the forum members photos. I have yet to purchase freshadamas but I REALLY want some. I have both white gold, a few platinum items, and yellow gold in my jewelry wardrobe. I'm not sure which I'll get when I finally get my strand but I guess it will depend on the color of the pearls.


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          Hey Lisamla-
          I choose it because my girlfriend wears more white gold than yellow gold - I don't think yellow gold is very in at the moment (at least in our social circle) since people like Platinum etc. and/so white gold has the same look for less. Hope that helps!


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            They look fantastic. Way to go! Those pearls look totally worth it...wish I could get some someday!
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