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Freshwater Pearls Export Booming in China

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  • Freshwater Pearls Export Booming in China

    Definitely, export of freshwater pearls will boom from 2008 to 2010 because output of Akoya pearls in Zhanjiang will decrease in the same period due to devastation of Paboo typhoon. Quality of freshwater pearls has gradually enhanced with improvement of cultured technology in eastern coastal provinces.
    The authorities concerned and farmers should pay attention to protecting environments so as to sustain pearling industry and agriculture in ecological balance. Anyone who is greedy just at lump sum money desperately pollute the environments regardless of next generations? lives must be punished severely, but those who pollute environments are only fined, state-owned factories and illegal private-owned factories are major pollution makers because certain high ranking officials who can share profits with the factories control them..
    Vigor He

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    Are you anticipating the laws of supply and demand will prevail? As akoya supplies dwindle, the price will skyrocket and as the market is saturated with freshwaters, those prices will dwindle proportionately?
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      High quality freshwater pearls from China which are marketable in developed countries will be demanded more at steadily higher costs with the appreciation of RMB /CNY.
      China’s cultured freshwater pearls and Akoya pearls dominate sources of supply in global jewelry markets.
      Maybe changes will take place for pearl farming in geographical location in the future.
      Sustainable development strategies must be adopted by investors, pearl farmers and the privileged.