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Pearls in Motion by Mikimoto-how do they do that?

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  • Pearls in Motion by Mikimoto-how do they do that?

    A G.F. just stopped by to show off her Mikimoto "Pearls in Motion"- one billion looks with one necklace. I'm awestruck! I want one- but not from Mikimoto. How do they do that? I went to the website but couldn't figure it out. Anyone know? Can it be replicated?
    Suzanne in Thailand

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    Not sure what they use to make the pearls movable, but a 'static' version would be straightforward, I suppose.


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      I like it too. I think it needs a special mechanism. I found one movable pearl necklace on ebay: item number 270131948282. BTW, you also could go to see the necklace at Mikimoto shop. There is one at ?Siam Paragon? mall in Bangkok.



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        Hi There and Welcome Suzanne!

        I think they use a silicone core that is flexible but grips the chain. There are some "smart beads" using that principle available at artbeads.com and I am sure other places also. I bought a few, but haven't used yet. Very cool concept! I looked at the display on the Mikimoto site. I think it would take a fairly large core out of the pearl, and need a custom insert, would love to see in person!

        so many pearls, so little time


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          There is another company that makes this as well, likely cheaper than Mikimoto. They're called Imperial Deltah (pearls.com), it is run by Peter Bazar (the industry's biggest self promoter, or so I've heard ).

          They only wholesale, however, so you would have to find a company that sells some of their pieces.
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            Just curious, wouldn't it affect the value of the pearl to have such a large hole to receive such a mechanism? It couldn't really be used on any other kind of necklace, ever!

            so many pearls, so little time


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              movable lariat pearls (Pearls in Motion)

              Dear Jeremy:
              I checked out the pearl dealer you mentioned and found at his website the key words "movable lariat pearls" then I Googled the words. They are all over--hundreds of retail dealers have them, not just Mikimoto, although Mikimoto's presentation complete with video clip and music is really compelling. I then input "movable lariat pearl findings" and so far I have nothing. So Mikimoto doesn't have a patent (good) but I can't find yet where to get the findings. Mikimoto has 18K lariats and the rest of the world 14K lariats so the lariat itself isn't the way the pearls grip. A gripper mechanism has to be inside the pearl. How weird! The Mikimoto video made me want to run out and make a necklace. On mature consideration, maybe not.


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                Originally posted by pattye
                Just curious, wouldn't it affect the value of the pearl to have such a large hole to receive such a mechanism?
                Drilling large holes : is't it a question of feelings ? Do we have feelings about cutting stones to make them give their best ?
                When looking at a beautiful pearl, you may hesitate to make a large hole, considering spoiling the pearl, but once it is set, all pearls are more beautiful when set in a jewelry, with no consideration of hole sizes .

                I am interested in all opinions on that subject .


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                  Hello CLICLASP and ALL,

                  Sorry, I did not mean anyone to think that the mechanisms would spoil a lovely pearl. Just was thinking of the many pearl pieces historically that have been reworked to showcase a fabulous pearl, more easily done with the traditional drill hole.

                  We know there are so many gorgeous pearls around that finding pearls appropriate and fitting one's budget and one's esthetics could be done at reasonable cost, and have a lovely necklace, whether using the cliclasp concept or the silicone gripper finding!

                  I would love to try on a necklace using the cliclasp, bear in mind I am 66 and definitely a Grandma "looking" person!!! I love the idea of having interchangeable gemstones and pearls centerpieces. (I could never pay Miki prices for Tahitians on a lariat--would I try making one if the mechanisms were available??--maybe!!)

                  I apologize if my musings were taken as a negative. I totally agree that pearls are more beautiful when made into jewelry to be worn and enjoyed and petted! I think I hear some fws from my "stash" calling me----

                  so many pearls, so little time


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                    Sorry in my turn if I hurted anyone here, I know it is commonly accepted that making a big hole in a pearl is considering as spoiling, and I wanted to share impression with all of you.
                    When I see the pearls drilled before mounting I have the same impression but my impression vanishes when the pearl is set with the necklace.

                    Does it loose any value, who can say ? Did you notice the australian Paspaley does the same?


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                      Thanks Pattye: That's how I thought it worked, but wasn't sure. Durability is my question. Whenever you have rubber attached with a glue, you have durability issues. Plus this application would, I would think, put some real friction on the gripper as the chain appears to be a textured link rather than something like a snake chain.

                      Suzanne: You're looking for findings? Ahh! I didn't get that from your initial post. I'm glad you found companies making the finished product. I knew there were several making other types of moveable jewelry using the same technique. For instance, earrings and pendants with changeable beads use this to attach to a post.
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