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Looking for links for GOOD loose pearls

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  • Looking for links for GOOD loose pearls

    I must have made some sort of mistake in trying to post before so please excuse me if there ends up being two of these posts.

    I found this group when researching pearl parties. I'm grateful to have found it in time to not get "shuckered", or worse, get involved in the deception. I recall seeing mention of a few reputable Etsy sellers who deal in bulk purchases. Wen something and Pearl Home or House. I tried searching Etsy, but came up with images of nasty dyed blue pearls, in shell frauds, etc. I homeschool a number of my kids, and the rest often participate in homeschool activities outside of traditional schooling. We just recently worked on learning about gemstones and minerals, finishing with a visit to a local gem and mineral show where the kids got to speak with experts and professionals, handle real specimens, examine specimens under microscope and black lights, sift through and find their own specimens, etc. They enjoyed it and I'd like to do something similar with pearls. I do not want to expose them to the fraud and danger of opening pearl party type pearls, but certain kids of mine would respond best to the fun, surprise, and mystery of working to "open" pearls. A velvet bag just won't cut it for them. I'm planning on experimenting first with wrapping a pearl in a cotton ball, then encasing it in a homemade bath bomb, paper mache, dough ball, etc, to see if I can come up with something safe and fun for an "opening" experience after watching a video or documentary on pearls (not a party video). I'd like to have a mixture of drilled and undrilled, various shapes, sizes, and natural colors and textures so we can all learn what's REAL. I want decent quality so the older kids, teens, (and myself &#128521 can be proud of any jewelry we decide to create for ourselves, but not too pricy so the younger ones, preschool and elementary age, won't be in trouble for playing with, and possibly losing their treasures. I'd also love to smash one open so they can see how the pearl is formed.

    (Thank you for making it this far.)

    If someone would be so kind to link me, or message me links, to reputable sellers of hopefully inexpensive, good pearls, I'd be appreciative. I'd also welcome ideas on ways to "encase" some pearls for their discovery experience. I'd also like to find just a few supplies for them to make items. I own some jewelry pliers, sterling silver fish hook earrings, etc from my glass beading days, but perhaps a drill, a few sterling silver pearl cages, or other settings, key ring for the boys. I want them to have fun, make memories, and learn too. Any links to child friendly books, lessons, documentaries, videos, coloring pages would be awesome! (Kids range in age from 4-17, NOT all materials need be for all ages.)

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    Hello Elephagreen, welcome to PG.

    I'm delighted and refreshed you've found this forum and have learned the deceptive practices of the pearl parties. I have great admiration for your motivation to teach your family in meaningful ways.

    I'll leave the sources of pearls to others who post here, but will provide a few video links to the genuine discovery of natural pearls.


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      And another.


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        And one more.


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          If I may ask, how many oysters did you film being opened before you found the pearls?


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            Not very many. In fact, I don't open any in the absence of external features or high incidence. Natural pearls tend to occur in identifiable patches.

            Weather beaten shells, parasite infestations, holes etc. Forty years revisiting the reefs one develops a keen eye. I gather tissue samples for health and safety analysis or pollution uptake and other sciences for laboratories and institutions. Although I target these areas, the pearls are incidental.

            Nothing is wasted.


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              Originally posted by Lagoon Island Pearls View Post
              And one more.

              Thank you so much, it's so cool to see what a real pearl discovery looks like. Beautiful coral flesh inside versus gross dead zombie oysters. Thank you so much for sharing. These videos will be a nice bridge between learning about pearls and their formation and getting to handle some real ones.