Favorite pearl studs

Jeg: Love the coral ones and the pearl flowers.

Suchi: Those T's are amazing.

86Corvettegirl: Those drops are gorgeous, but I don't think they're considered studs.
Ahhh, you can probably hear my sigh - all those beautiful pearl studs!
I only have these akoyas but I love and wear them a great deal.


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Beautiful tahitians suchi, such gorgeous colors.
The akoyas are beautiful Happy Huku, you cannot go wrong with classics.
Love your T's from Jac, Suchi. It's a shame he hasn't come back to Etsy. I wanted to check out his Tahitians.

Happy Huku, your Akoya's are classic & gorgeous!
Although I have a lot of drops and dangles, years of wearing heavy earrings and an allergy to nickel did a number on my earlobes so studs are the most comfortable to wear. My 9mm akoyas on the lower right are from PP. The 6mm akoyas with the little diamonds were given to me by ex-husband #2. I've probably only worn them a few times because they're just too dainty for me. The 7mm akoyas were given to me by my parents either in high school or college. The big studs on the top came from a Chinese vendor on eBay. They were sold as SS pearls, but are either FW or shell pearls. Doesn't matter, they were cheap and I wear them a lot, especially when traveling. Coming home from Paris this spring, when I removed my earbuds as the plan descended, one of them came out and rolled down the aisle. Luckily, the FA was just walking by me and was able to retrieve it.


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Hello everyone, looong time lurker, first time poster here. Here are my favorite studs: tiny freshwaters (around 4,5 mm), Mikimoto akoyas (around 7 mm), dark Tahitians from Kamoka (9 mm) and lighter Tahitians from Pearlparadise (9-10 mm). I would like to expand my collection with less "classic" studs - Jeg your keshi studs look amazing, I would love to know where you got them!


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Hello Azra- glad you decided to post! The smallest, dark, keshi pair is from Kamoka, the silver blue Tahitian pair is from Maui Divers, Hawaii. The white pair to the left is from an Etsy shop located in Australia. I’m sorry I can’t remember the name, it was a random find. The white pair to the right is from a special sale, and now that I think of it, I think they are freshwater keshi because I don’t remember paying big $$ for them. I really wear the keshi posts a lot- I think you will like them!
Everyone's studs are beautiful!
Charlotta, those blue/green T's are wonderful.
Jeg- in love with the vintage coral akoyas
BWeaves, never liked mismatched studs until I saw your beautiful ones

and suchi, the color on those studs from Jac are super!
IMG_2495.JPGSilver Tahitian keshi from Aloha Pearls Hawaii on etsy.

Tahitians, top from Kamoka, left from AlohaPearlsTahiti (etsy) and right, TahitiPearlDesigner (etsy).IMG_2491.JPG
Thanks everyone. I loved Jac's tahitians. But I dont think he is coming back to etsy.
Parrot lady i love your keshi studs.
Facinating! How big are they? The white ones remind me of Brach's Nugat candy. You have to give us ear shots, please.