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Recent content by StarryPearl

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    Join Jeremy Shepherd & Antoinette Matlins today at Noon Pacific

    Hmm, I hope it was recorded... :smile:
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    Bleached Pearls

    Oh my goodness... I feel sorry for the pearls... :frown: Many pearls seem to have the underneath layer of nacre exposed where the powdered nacre went away and left holes. If I were you, I might try using the smoothest side of a nail buffer to buff off the white powdering coating and hopefully...
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    I.d. on baroque pearls? I cant figure out how to post text, so will comment in thread with details, thanks!

    They definitely look like nucleated. Given the size, they might be nucleated baroque freshwater or baroque Akoya pearls. My first intuition was nucleated freshwater (as you have quoted below), yet the luster whispers to me that they are baroque Akoya - but still I am not so sure, as I don't see...
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    Buying a pearl strand in an auction?

    Beautiful colors. I wonder how the picture was taken ‘cause there’s not even the camera’s black reflection in any of the pearls. Would love to see an image if you win the auction.
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    Posting my Edison strand here... Hoping it never fades...

    Thank you very much for your kind words, echo and SurfnSci. :) echo, yes, not only Tahitians are chameleons - Edisons, too, aren't they? Let me post another picture that I took yesterday. I think this pic shows the colors better. (I knew I should have used white background to show color most...
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    Posting my Edison strand here... Hoping it never fades...

    Thanks, echo ! Took one shot for you! It looks not as colorful or lustrous on my sweater though. Might be the color of my sweater, might be the front camera of my cell phone, but I am not a good photographer anyways. :o
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    Posting my Edison strand here... Hoping it never fades...

    This strand was bought right after I bought "My second Edison pearl", actually even before I received that pearl, because it REALLY hit my heart. In short, I got it > 6 months ago. It's the strand just when I finished stringing I noticed one piece of the clasp was deformed and had to start over...
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    Homework submission!

    Yes Jeremy, here is one before cut. I was wondering what made it oval-ish and was there any organic mass or empty space underneath. It's a fun way to discover the answer except that I can't both know it and have the pearl intact. :D I wish I can have access to an X-ray machine one day...
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    Homework submission!

    Guys, I am on my computer now, but here I can see those 2 pictures still up there :thinking:... weirder and weirder... Let me post them again:
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    Homework submission!

    Big thanks to CortezPearls 's tutorial video :arms: (https://www.pearl-guide.com/articles/pearl-education/457587-diy-project-make-your-very-own-pearls-in-half), I now have my first half Tahitian pearl :18:. So here is my homework submission: ​ ​ I purposely chose one of my least expensive...
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    Need help from experts - what happened to this WSS pearl?

    My recent purchase of a lovely WSS drop shows something I've never seen: There seems to be a flat surface near the tip of the drop, virtually dividing the pearl into two parts that reflect light differently. When I look at the surface around the "cutting disc" carefully, I can see some very fine...
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    Made a new necklace with half strand of Tahitian pearls

    This long weekend I stayed at home and made a new necklace. The pearls came in half strand. Many of them have beautiful bands, and a few have a rainbow on them. The picture was taken after pearls were rearranged. When I was placing the order, I was thinking of making a tin cup necklace out of...
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    My first floating Tahitian pendant, and "how" I made it.

    The pendant is finally floating on a sparkling gold chain :07:. It's raining outside so the light can't bring out the best color, I guess... But can't wait to share the pics! :p
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    Today I restrung my Tahitian bracelet, again.

    A while back I decided to collect and accumulate some Tahitian pearls to make myself a bracelet. It didn't take long for me to get this far :)​: ​ There were peacock, forest green, purple, blue, pink, bronze, etc., and a cute banded one. I was very happy:arms:​ until I figured it was too tight...
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    My second Edison pearl

    Happy Sunday (or Monday for friends in Asia and Europe) everyone! It was funny when I typed "My " in the title, the system automatically popped up four "My first xxxxxx" titles I used before. But this time it's my second Edison pearl. :p This is a 13.5mm plumpy drop that I bought to make...