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Recent content by Katbran

  1. K

    Pearl Earbuds - yay or nay?

    Clever idea ! More attractive ear pods would be a winner .
  2. K

    Knotty problems finishing an endless necklace

    I had to go online and look up the knots lol I always thought I was tying an overhand when finishing but now I think it's a double half hitch ? lol Now I'm off to read up on larks head knots ! And who knew there is an International Guild of Knot Tyers Forum ??? And while on the subject...
  3. K

    Large flat FW Pear what to do with it ?

    I always get some of those pecan shaped pearls in white and lavender - they are so interesting and provide a very dramatic look due to all that surface area ! This is how I set some for an American who does lots of TV interviews and wanted something that will show up.
  4. K

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Thank you JP, Charlotta 86Corvette and BWeaves ! Very kind words - I do love that one. This is my other favourite, again NFS . Silver Tahitian 12x15mm Side on and then his little butt :D
  5. K

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    BWeaves- Blue Akoya - so hard to catch the colours in daylight photos. But I know they are gorgeous !! Red , Corvette and Jeg - loving the carved pearls ! jeg - I'm not surprised that you even have a cool mask. :D Looking lovely as always ! Cathy - Hook earrings !!! And you still have...
  6. K

    New member :) And a question :)

    Well it's not really a natural colour for Freshwaters. The exception might be with Edison/Ming pearls where you can get a gold colour. It's not the same as GSS pearls , mostly it's more like a Golden Apricot colour. But there are lots of shade. Again, this is generally only in bead...
  7. K

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    I thought I'd post a photo of my Riki strand from Cees as a couple of members asked to see it. I love this strand- the colours just pop. I'm going to reknot it as I'd like it to be just a bit longer. Fortunately I bought a few loose pearls - just didn't get around to adding them in. I wear...
  8. K

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    This is my own ( mine, not for sale ) strand of Fiji pearls. I love the muted colours, Khaki, grey, cream, tan, brown/bronze. I used Beaders Secret Taupe on this so the knots wouldn't stand out, and a 14k Orbit clasp. Forgive the old neck lol
  9. K

    Hong Kong ? 2019

    Here is a photo of a dyed pearl , obviously very poor quality. Bags of these around the place . you can see the pooling of the dye in the crease and also around the drill hole .
  10. K

    Hong Kong ? 2019

    What’s been interesting is that normally there would be buyers from all over in these offices , looking.at Pearls and placing orders . Almost had the place to myself. They just didn’t seem busy at all which was a bit unusual. And .. Prices were higher on .several of my regular purchases . . A...
  11. K

    Hong Kong ? 2019

    Hello from Hong Kong...Kowloon actually . Cool and damp here , grey skies and hazy . But the streets are bustling as ever? Got in Friday night and it’s been non stop pearl pick Mg ever since. I apologise as I’ve posted on Instagram since loading the photos is a bit easier , but I’ll try to do...
  12. K

    Hong Kong ? 2019

    Anyone going ?
  13. K

    Removing back from a pearl.

    Somewhere this subject exists as I posted an answer a few months ago. But I wanted to post as I've changed my technique. I have quite successfully used the microwave/bowl of water method in the past. Alternating with Acetone and a firm pull on the peg. This is a method that I read about...
  14. K

    My pearls

    Everything looks wonderful .. something to consider if you restring your Kong ripples is the Rose. They seem to have lots of pink flashing around. Rose was mentioned here (BWeaves ?) and I went through all my BS and found one Rose. I used it on some Ripples and really liked it . It blends...
  15. K

    Share your Pearl Paradise Private Launch Purchases!

    If it bothers you send them back - it's too much money to have something that bothers you. I had the exact same issue on some fabulous flame balls in silvery white - after I set them and photographed them I saw the same flaw , tiny, but right up by the pin at the front. In some lights it...