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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Oooooh that looks gorgeous! That is a beautiful pearl 🥰lovely to see it again!,, and the circles are fantastic. I do love circles !
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    Help! I broke my ring.

    Absolutely beautilful pearl - the ring is gorgeous and I'm glad you were able to fix it !
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Wonderful collection and the lustre on those WSS is beautiful ! I do love circles !
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    Help! I broke my ring.

    Well that was extremely lucky to have found the pearl !! I use the AronAlpha . As noted but sure to clean the peg really well and then wash it well to remove the solvent. I take a file and just rough it up a bit as well . I also take a drill bit ( or a needle) and just scratch the inside...
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    Shopping for my first Tahitian strand - help me decide!

    I agree , the Continental strand is nicer !
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    jeg - those Akoya are just gorgeous !!~ What size are they ?
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    South Sea Keshi pearls

    Now that's a lot of teeny pearls !
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Wow too much pearl fabulousness to mention !! The Kamoka ring - wowser ! Everything jeg ... is amazing ! ( but that chunky GSS baroque ... yum) Wishing everyone the best - been out of action with Covid... finally caught me ! I've been NOvid for years.. not anymore ! But all the pearly...
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    Posting my Edison strand here... Hoping it never fades...

    Just to speak briefly to the 'natural ' colour of Edison pearls . It's really only quite recently that it's become general knowledge that some of the pearls have been enhanced. Apparently it's the dark purple and the deep raspberry that are the most subject to fading. So many sellers believe...
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    Looking for round akoya keshi

    Im sure you can order some from the Japanese pearl companies . Takahashi on IG can usually find small pearls for jobs like this.. where are you located? You don't want to spend a fortune on shipping if you just need a couple of tiny pearls. They look to be a soft white so maybe a cream shade or...
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    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing….

    They don't look like Mabe but they could be pearls that have a very flat base. I've got some baroque freshwater beauties that are almost dead flat with a high dome .
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    New here. Looking for basic advice.

    Good Idea JP ! Graym- I agree that you wouldn't want to go smaller than 8mm for a strand. PP has a pink 8-8.5 Freshwater strand for $350 ?
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    I need your advice.

    Well grading is individual - one sellers Gem grade is anothers AAA . That's why it's important to know the sellers you are dealing with very well and what standard they are using. Is there a definition of the Grades on the Web Site so you can see the standard of Lustre and Flaws acceptable...
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    How to fix pearls without glue

    It does look like they used long head pins to wrap onto the chain that runs behind them. But there are a few that look like they might be glued to each other - this would help stabilise the cluster.
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    Natural SSP?

    I've not tried it but someone at a show told me that a phone flashlight can work as well lol I'll have to try it now that I've remembered that. Jeremy....that ring.....holy moly !