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Recent content by KarinK

  1. KarinK

    The start of my collection

    I recommend checking out the tags on the posters here as well as where people got their pearls from in the "Show us Your Pearls in Action" thread.
  2. KarinK

    Buying a pearl strand in an auction?

    Apart from the online vendors you probably already get newsletters from, you might want to follow Cees on Instagram and also keep consider Pearlessence (Wendy). And now you know more about what pictures to ask for plus check the return policy.
  3. KarinK

    Buying a pearl strand in an auction?

    Settling never seems to be a good idea. You will not be happy, keep looking and find one that you can't afford because you bought this one. If it was super cheap, maybe. But it isn't.
  4. KarinK

    Buying a pearl strand in an auction?

    I am a little concerned about what the colors actually look like. The image looks a little processed to me. Since they have the pearls physically, I would ask for additional photos of someone wearing them or a video chat where you can see them - at least at that price.
  5. KarinK

    White Pearl's, grade, and type?

    The post is a year old.
  6. KarinK

    Please help with pearl identification

    That's why you need to look at the ones that actually sold. But, of course, some of the ones sold could be scams. And I see you got help to settle the amount :-)
  7. KarinK

    Please help with pearl identification

    If you want to know what a strand can sell for, looking at SOLD on eBay for similar items will give you a general idea.
  8. KarinK


    I still lament about the rings Kojima had where Tahiti pearls were set in dragon claws that I didn't buy in time. Today this led to me to see what else is around that I can use to take some of the 'nice' out of wearing pearls. My only claw catch are these on Etsy...
  9. KarinK

    From SSP stash

    It turned out that while I don't really have a Tahitian stash, I do have a SSP stash - that I had forgotten about. So I made this wire wrapped bracelet the other day. Very happy with it :-) In the pictures I'm wearing it with my 22k Indian gold bracelet - from Chicago.
  10. KarinK

    Pearls on leather

    I looked up a name dropped by eolian pearls in the Pearls in Action thread, https://www.terremerlove.com/designs Oh wow! I also saw some prices at some dealers website. No way. But there are so many ideas for own designs to be had from this it makes me want to ask if there are any leads for...
  11. KarinK

    Updating my strand

    I had one Akoya strand, baroque and very pretty except I have never really been comfortable with it being bleached and pinked. I know it's common practice but it feels wrong to me. So I've been eyeing untreated white strands except they are Hanadama quality with a price tag to match. I ended up...
  12. KarinK

    What to use for tiny keshi?

    Years ago I made a three stranded bracelet with akoya keshi and morganites. And I never used it, in part because I strung it on silk but it is thin and dainty that I am afraid to break it. I was thinking about making it into a choker length necklace for layering but I am not sure what to use...
  13. KarinK

    Unique ring

    I'm more than a year late with posting this amazing creation by our very own la_corsetiere / Sheri: The shell is a casting in silver of a perfect shell that Sheri found that she has used for other projects too. The inside has enamel in shimmering pink. I provided the pistachio...
  14. KarinK

    Opinion on Black Freshwater Upgrade?

    It isn't the oppinion you are asking for but here goes :) If I had not bought all the cheaper pearls that were supposed to be replacements for what I really wanted, I would have gotten what I really wanted faster. Buying something other than what you really want because it's cheaper usually...
  15. KarinK

    18 months of pearls in one photo

    I just took a picture of 4 of them, iPad quality but diffused light. I guess there is a slight yellow cast as rhe background should be white. This is the Kamoka strand, GSPP (obviously), blue Vietmese akoya and baroque Akoya. All are called off-round or baroque. There is a lot of sacings in...