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Recent content by CricketBug

  1. CricketBug

    Pearl Confessions...

    Here is where the Robert Wan strand typically lives—on my (home office) desk where I can gaze at it through the day... My desk is often strewn with pearls.
  2. CricketBug

    Pearl Confessions...

    Some blue strands, one of which was another impulse purchase (from, you guessed it, Cees!). All are blue Akoyas, some from Japan, some from Vietnam. Top strand (another rogue/impulse purchase, LOL!) is from Cees earlier this year; 10–10.5mm, Vietnamese Akoyas strung on Turquoise. Second strand...
  3. CricketBug

    Pearl Confessions...

    Some earlier purchases from this winter (yes, it has been a very busy year with pearls!). A strand of greeny-gold 10–12mm SS pearls from KongsPearl. I used Beaders Secret Cork. this strand is chameleon and really changes colour, depending on the light and the colour of I wear it with: A...
  4. CricketBug

    Pearl Confessions...

    I confess that for quite some times now (many months), I have been meaning to post some photos. :rolleyes: Some of the strands/pearls I've had for years, some are new to me, and some are new from various vendors/sources. This may take longer than expected, as the photos seem to be uploading in...
  5. CricketBug

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    My all-time fave colour has to be the blue of Akoya pearls, with the hints of pink! Beautiful, BWeaves!
  6. CricketBug

    More Strands

    I've been on a stringing kick lately, inspired by the beautiful examples on this big forum. :D I posted one in the Lowly Beaders area and thought these should be in the "Show Me..." forum. When we were recently in Honolulu, the lovely boardies (as in P-G members) suggested Aloha Pearls for an...
  7. CricketBug

    Vintage/Antique Studs

    And here is a strand that I purchased to wear with the above earrings. I bought these in the 80's, if I recall, at a time when pearls weren't the least bit popular, according to a friend's mother. The mother worked in a retail jewelry store where pearls sat for ages without selling. I found...
  8. CricketBug

    Vintage/Antique Studs

    In rummaging through my stash of pearls I came across the studs that were instrumental in setting me onto a love of pearls. I found these in an antique store when I lived on the west coast of Canada. They're a lovely soft goldish-creamy colour, 8mm. They have screw posts which are rather thick...
  9. CricketBug

    365 Days of Pearls

    Bah-hahahaaaa! "Cover your eyes, Jeremy"—that totally cracked me up! Cashmere? What cashmere? I only have eyes for pearrrrls! And I confess I've been known to hit the refresh button on certain sites (that sell pearls) like a Pavlovian dog dinging the bell for dinner... :rolleyes: Le sigh. A...
  10. CricketBug

    DID IT! Restringing

    ;) After quite a hiatus from stringing, and recently re-reading through the great how-to thread here, I decided to re-string a strand of, to-me, whoppers. They're Tahitians, circled, some with zits, most with lovely lustre and with gorgeous colours from aubergine to intense green, gray-blue-ish...
  11. CricketBug

    Pearl Vendor/Store in Honolulu?

    Not sure if this is the right place to put this post. Please move it, if needed. :) We are feeling fortunate to be in Hawaii for a week or so (right now!), and I’m curious if there are recommendations for a store/shope/market for pearls in around Honolulu. :rolleyes: My hubby is likely feeling...
  12. CricketBug

    Largest Size of Blue Akoya Pearls

    Thanks for the quick responses, everyone! I have a photo I saved from somewhere online, although I might not be able to find the site again. This strand was supposedly 10–10.5mm which quite interested me. It was from an auction site, if I recall correctly.
  13. CricketBug

    Largest Size of Blue Akoya Pearls

    I completely adore blue Akoya pearls and am curious to know the largest size range these are available. I've seen anything from weensy little ones to 10–10.5mm size. I'm curious whether the 10–10.5mm ones are genuine or simply freshwater pearls that have been dyed/colored.