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Recent content by Buffetm

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    Do vintage south sea pearls turn yellow over time?

    Hello all, Long time lurker, looking to be educated xD I've recently come into possession of a vintage strand of south sea pearls and they seem rather yellow. I've heard of akoyas changing colour if stored too long. Do south sea pearls also yellow if stored too long? Please see pics.
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    Is this worth the price?

    So I happened across this from an online consignment store Described as Tahitian pearls, 11 to 16mm, off round to baroque shapes. Sterling silver clasp. No paperwork Selling for usd 460. Worth the risk?
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    Please help identify these pearls

    Second strand was supposedly bought in Singapore from a jeweller and retailed $600. Sold as south sea pearls but also 7mm in diameter with Sterling silver clasp.
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    Please help identify these pearls

    Hi all! First time poster, amateur Pearl lover. Any help identifying some pearls I have collected over the years would be much appreciated. So here goes... First necklace bought at an estate sale in the UK for 50 pounds. Size about 7mm. Sterling silver clasp. Was told south sea pearls but...