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Recent content by amti

  1. amti

    Tiny New Strand

    What do you all think of this strand? I wondered if this was a natural strand so I took a chance. What do you think? Would the rings near the holes be something of concern or is it just the outer nacre surface chipping from wear? Think they will come clean with a bath? I was told it had a...
  2. amti

    Round Nose Pliers... Which Has the Finest Tips?

    I've been longing for a very fine tip round nose set of pliers to wire wrap 26 and possibly smaller gauge wire. What brand do you recommend and why, and what is the tip width? Interested to know if there is anything you'd change about what you're using. Thanks!
  3. amti

    365 Days of Pearls

    I love Rex and actually have Rex. :) Rex get to be anywhere from 7.5-10.5lbs. The minis generally only get to about 5lb at the most. They both have beautifully soft, dense, velour-like fur, which is what they are known for. I also used to have chickens but they all passed away. I miss their...
  4. amti

    Hair Adornment

    Yes they do remember. It was quite a big ordeal to have several people waiting on you. Plus, with my son, the kabuto, or helmet, was really big, so he had people on both sides of him ready to catch the kabuto if it fell. Plus, what little boy would forget being able to hold a katana? This...
  5. amti

    Hair Adornment

    The wisteria piece is beautiful. That hair ornament is worn with a kimono when the hair is pulled up. It's made to dangle a little. Here's an old picture of my daughter wearing one made out of silk.
  6. amti

    Baby Akoyas

    Those are some sweet pearls! 1.5mm is super tiny! I've got some small pearls that were passed down from my grandmother, but the smallest is about 4mm, so I can't imagine how cute your pearls must be! I love small pearls. I've been meaning to take these pearls apart, remove the less lustrous...
  7. amti

    Honoring Barbara Bush

    Many folks are wearing pearls in honor of Barbara Bush. My son's college, Texas A&M, where Barbara Bush is going to be laid to rest today, is no exception. This is a memo written by one of the students. I will be wearing pearls later tonight when I go out.
  8. amti

    Pearl Farming Documentary

    Setting up takes the longest, so lots of waiting. The guy, the customer leaving, the gal, and the store owner (our roles) The GSSP used were from Jewelmer! My ssp wanted to play and look like babies next to the Jewelmer strand. My largest pearl is about 11.5mm. With the director, Taylor...
  9. amti

    Pearl Farming Documentary

    A couple of days ago, my mom and I worked as extras on a documentary about pearl farms called, Power of Pearls. When I saw the casting call, I was so excited because of my love for pearls, and because I actually knew some pearl farmers and about the pearl farming industry (thanks to Ruckus and...
  10. amti

    New beader and pearl obssesionista in town... needing your help :-)

    I think I do it the same way PD does hers.
  11. amti

    Restyled & Recycled Jewelry Challenge!

    Loving the ideas in this thread and the gorgeous pearls!!! I love to rework things as well Here are a few things I've redone. a 30" 6mm akoya strand seemed a little boring so I added in some gold beads and Tahitians. Took a vintage blue baroque akoya triple strand and added some white...
  12. amti

    shell based pearl v cultured pearl

    Some good quality fake pearls also have a slight gritty feel to them when they are rubbed, so it isn't a 100% sure way of telling if they are fakes or not. You can also check the drill holes. Fake pearls often have sloppy holes and you'll see some accumulation of the outer layer sometimes, and...
  13. amti

    Fake Mikimoto Strands... Just another reason not to buy from Chinese Sellers on Ebay

    There are quite a few fake Mikimoto strands being sold by Chinese sellers. They don't mention anything about the brand but it is pretty obvious they are selling counterfeits with that swirly ribbon clasp. Please don't fall for their scam. There are several different sellers (who are most likely...
  14. amti

    Gold Diamond Cut Beads

    At the Ruckus, someone mentioned they were looking for the pyramid type diamond cut beads and I mentioned I knew a source. Unfortunately, I forgot who was looking for them, so I am posting the link here for everyone. Here is a link to them...
  15. amti

    2017 Pearl Guide Ruckus People and their pearls

    And a few more! :) The lovely Newberry and Brady working hard for Facebook Live! The two Austinites enjoying the world's smallest shrimp tacos! I felt guilty eating them in one bite because it took a lot more effort to make them than eat them! Octavia was having a great time! Pattye looks a...