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Pearl Nucleus Composition

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The Proper Pearl Nucleus

A pearl nucleus is usually made using freshwater mussel shells that has been cut and ground into a polished, spherical bead. Other nuclei do exist, these have been produced from other marine shells, such as from the large black and silver-lipped pearl oysters and from Bironite TM.

Nacre Deposition will occur over any Solid Object

An oyster's "pearl sac" will secrete nacre over nearly any solid object. This has led to countless attempts to nucleate oysters with...

Pearl Nucleus Manufacturing

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Manufacturing the Pearl Nucleus
A pearl nucleus is manufactured from freshwater mussel shell which has been worked into a perfect polished sphere.

The Nucleus is an Essential part of Perliculture

The nucleus of a pearl, although it is not typically visible in a harvested pearl, is extremely important in the culturing process.
The nucleus is the core of the pearl, that the pearl sac will use to "guide" the shape and help produce the cultured pearl.
Without high quality nucleus it is...

The History of Pearls

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The 4000 Year History of Pearls
Pearls have been prized and collected for more than four thousand years, giving them the title of the world's oldest gem.

The Early History of Pearls
Pearls have long been treasured and highly valued in many cultures throughout history. As far back as 2,300 BC, Chinese records indicate that pearls were the prized possessions of (and gifts to) royalty. In India, ancient Hindu texts repeatedly refer to pearls, stating in one place that the god Krishna...

Pearl History Timeline

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Pearl History of Egypt
We know that in ancient civilizations, long before recorded history, people adorned themselves with seashells and beads made from seashells. Therefore, it is not surprising that the earliest use of mother of pearl in jewelry occurred in Egypt, about 5,200 years ago. Mother of pearl was used to make cartouches and beads. There are rare examples of pearls in the paintings and statuary of these eras in ancient Egypt, but pearls themselves appear to have been uncommon in...

Pearls and Medicine

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The Power of Pearls

For Centuries, Pearls have been considered an ancient symbol of purity and perfection and have been regarded as powerful talismans and as amulets, used to protect the wearer against evil and poisoning, and to preserve health.
From ancient China and India to medieval Europe and Arabia and in every culture in between, pearls have often been used for medicinal purposes, ranging from aphrodisiacs to cures for insanity. One legend said that a pearl placed in the navel could...

Pearls in Myth

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The Power of Pearls throughout Mythology
Pearls have long been attributed with having great powers and have been incorporated into the mythology of every culture that has encountered them. And no wonder! Given the natural pearls' rarity, as well as their mysterious beauty, who could argue that pearls might not indeed be a gift from the gods?

Different Pearl Myths in Different Cultures
In Hindu culture, pearls were associated with the Moon and were symbols of love and purity. Hindu texts say...

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