Who's excited for the PP Monday?

^^ Yup, my flight got pushed back an hour, so if my conversions are right, I should be ready to pounce as soon as I get the email at 12:59pm. I'm now leaving at 2pm instead of 1pm.

Bad news: Sitting in an airport for 3 hours
Good news: PP sale!
Wow! Excitement, excitement!

We are about 20 minutes out, just putting the last-minute touches on now.

I should have mentioned this before as it would have alleviated some confusion. The email was sent out to our internal customer list, not the "special offer" list associated with Pearl-Guide.com. That is why some did not receive the notification email last week. The PG list is one I like to reserve for the rare offers that are never seen by the public, just our friends here. Unfortunately that also means the email is going out to thousands and thousands of people. But we do have a fairly strong stock of all the offered pieces so we are hoping it will not be a disappointing day for anyone.
Ready and waiting :D

Same goes for me... I should get it now because I hadn?t marked a box saying "I want to be on the special offer list" or something like that but I marked it now. .04 now
Oh man, I thought I missed on it when I turned on my computer and I remembered! I was such a slow poke getting out of bed today too >.<

But so far no news? Hmm...might as well keep waiting!
Alas, the 'special offer list' won't be getting the email unless we're also a former customer, is that correct?
Nada yet at 10:09, or so. Really, I will get nothing done until this is over... ;)