To buy, or not to buy, that is my question!


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Feb 7, 2021
Hi everyone, was just browsing vintage cultured pearls on Ebay, and found these! Looking for advice, so of course I came here to get the best pearl minds to weigh in, worth it or not? Screenshot_20210310-222944_eBay.jpg had to try screenshot, wouldn't let me upload link, hope this works, thank you in advance, Faith.
trying again


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Difficult to say....maybe you can crop that screenshot photo.
I checked them out on eBay. The necklace looks nice enough for the price, and it's returnable if you don't like it.
Go for it!
Thank you, Pearl Dreams! I'll try to post screenshots of the actual photos on ebay, so others can see too! I'm just about ready to jump on it, so when they arrive I'll share some pics on "show me your pearls" thread, may take a little bit, as they're shipping from Canada!
If you like the product and the price go for it. I would use PayPal for extra reassurance.
The seller is in your country and there is a 30-day return policy.
Yeah, me either, lol! Going to try posting them again, sorry about that!
Think they're from Canada, but close enough, thank you for weighing in Douglas, was hoping you would! Yes, I'm totally on board with the PayPal plan, ive actually got one set up with ebay already. If they're worthy of a look I'll share when I get them!
I corrected your last post Faith...some glitch was preventing photos from displaying. :)
And thanks for correcting're in Canada!
Location of item is listed as California. If you live in the USA you should get them soon.