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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
Gorgeous, Tucs!

amti-- they came home and are tucked away in my drawer awaiting her 21st birthday (her preference!) Maybe dorms are not the best place for pricey jewelry.

Sea Urchin-- I already have a strand I love! :)


New member
I had gotten a few inexpensive strands of mauve pearls in various baroque and pillowy shapes. most where pretty throwaway, but there were some nice ones, and then there was this one. This little lustery metallic ball is so intense in all lights. It was so pretty and special (considering a 15" strand of pearls cost me a dollar) that I wanted to make it into a little pendant. so I paired it with a little moon charm in oxidized silver and diamonds, its a very pretty little pendant I love it.




lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
Absolutely lovely! Is that an antique moon? That pearl's amazing to have come with the mauves!


New member
Pearl Dreams,

Dorms are definitely not a safe place for nice jewelry. Despite keeping my nicer pieces locked in a trunk, someone still managed to steal a bracelet of my mothers with great sentimental value - a regret I have to this day. Maybe it should stay at home until she's at a point where she's in her own place (without roommates).


New member
Oh, ckrickett that is so pretty!

This is what I got to wear today. The picture isn't the greatest but you can still see all the colors in it. This is my favorite find from Jacques!



New member
Went out to dinner tonight with my dear husband who snapped this photo of me wearing three strands of golden pearls (one dark drop and two light free form baroques), a golden bracelet and dark golden pearl studs.


A better look at my golden triple.