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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
I?m a bit behind on this thread. I only have time to go back a few pages.

Ckrickett, your cat Jiji is gorgeous. She reminds me of my cat Pandora from many years ago. I really like your new little crab pendant with pearls. You are so creative.

Funky Pearl, your new earrings look great on you, and I really like your gold South Sea pendant too.

Marie_A, welcome! Those South Sea earrings are beautiful. Congratulations on your third anniversary.

Frost Me, that freshwater strand from Cees looks amazing on you! The size and the glow are quite something.

Cees, your freshwater strands are stunning!


New member
This White South Sea freeform baroque strand came from the PP Connoisseur Sale last fall. I recently had it re-strung with the larger pearls near the clasp, since I like to wear the diamond clasp in front, and now I really love it. I just got the new metallic FW Edison drop enhancer pendant, and I love it combined with the WSS necklace.



KaySD, you look magnificent. Are you sure you aren't secret royalty? This is a look that I could see on the Duchess of Windsor. :)
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New member
KaySD - That necklace looks really great now. Rearranging to have the larger pearls next to the diamond clasp has made all the difference. Such a beautiful pearl enhancer. You have made this all your own and it is stunning.


New member
I found some pretty GSSP studs on Etsy (at least that us what the vendor says they are) but the price was pretty terrific so even if they are I am I am not very knowledgable to be able to tell the difference from GSSP and freshwater.

If they are dyed freshwaters they are still pretty.

they are 10mm