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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Traveling Pearl
Thanks, Katbran! I love snow globes, too! Thank you, Cathy! Yes, I did make the bears. These are from maybe 15 years ago, though.


New member
Sanippy, love your Tahitians!
jeg, you MADE those bears??? Pearls & bears - how adorable!! Yes, we had snow here too. A little slippery driving on Sat evening but gone today!


New member
Oh my goodness, jeg, you made those bears? They're beautiful! What special little things to have <3 My kids would lose their minds if I knew how to make them something like that. They're precious.


Traveling Pearl
Thank you, Kalmen, Sunseeker, Battah and Cathy! It was a hobby/business for many years but It was in addition to a full time job and it got to be a lot of work. I will incorporate a few more in future pictures. All were made a long time ago, but I kept a collection.

The little girls have faux pearls on their hats-