Sea of Cortez pearl ring (my first pearl purchase)


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Mar 14, 2019
Before my Tahitian ring I just posted on (about 2 months ago) I have been watching videos from Pearl Paradise and was intrigued by the color and rarity of these pearls. I had to have one. I found the farms direct online shop and saw this nest design with this dark purple/blue tone baroque pearl with that rainbow gasoline effect and I fell in love. Especially since the price was only $230 for sterling silver ring. I knew i was getting a genuine Sea of Cortez pearl since it was their direct online shop. Here are some pictures, the best I can do with my camera to try to show that gasoline rainbow effect too :)


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Very pretty ring - I love the organic setting, and the color of the pearl is luscious!
What a pretty pearl and a fun ring. Thanks for sharing with us.
You chose well! Enjoy it in great health and notice that the color may change in different lights.
Congratulations! It is a beautiful pearl with rare color!
Beautiful pearl and ring setting! Wonderful first pearl purchase! Thank you for sharing!
What a lovely ring with a pearl grown by a farmer we love. Wear it in good health!
I applaud your decision of making your first purchase a pearl from the Sea on Cortez. "We" love those pearls. Very special and your ring is very special with that unique setting. I am intrigued. Congratulations.
The pearl spoke to me loudly so I went to their website to get one but they were sold out. I ended up with a “slider” single pearl on a sterling chain. It hasn’t arrived yet, will post a photo when it gets here. I signed up for an alert when available. Hopefully that color will return in the new batch. Thanks for the inspiration!!
Oh my! The last time I was on their website, they didn't have anything half as nice in the lower price ranges! So, I confess, I had to order one of my own. I got a pendant:
Thank you!
As far as I know when I bought mine this was the only one in my dark purple/blue with gasoline effect color in this design and in general in the ring designs for silver anyways. There was another in the same design, but the pearl was a more lighter pinkish violet color.
I haven’t been happy with the blue akoya studs I have to wear with my baroque blue akoya necklace, so I ordered a pair of Sea of Cortez mabé earrings that arrived today. I am so thrilled with them and know they’re destined to be favorites.

O.k., you guys. Fabulous choices. So, I took a look at the Sea of Cortez site last night, and these gem grade golden-green 8 to 8.4mm baroque beauties stole my heart. They are on their way to me. There is a slightly large pair of stunning blue studs out there, but they are a bit too big for my earlobes. Gorgeous, though. I hope someone here adopts them.

OMG Red ... I've admired that pair of earrings before ... but they BELONG to you; it's like Douglas and the little mollusc said "Let's grow the perfect earring for Red" ... I hope you love them!
Res, those are gorgeous soft greens. I can’t wait to see your photos of them.
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