Queen Mary of Teck


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Jan 25, 2012
Queen Mary (Queen Elizabeth's paternal grandmother) was well-known for pretty impressive jewellery on all occasions, and pearls in particular. I've just seen this photo, though, where she outdid any pearl bling I've ever seen!


While amazing, that must have been seriously weighty to wear, not to mention the corset that is nearly cutting the poor girl in half...
Fantastic! I think I'll style my white rope that way for a change!
I think you'll need several white ropes! That's roughly 16 times round her neck, including the pearl collar.
16 I can't do -- but with 144 inches I'll get a few laps around the neck!
Voila -- 144" a la Queen Mary. Somehow, DH thinks it's too much (tee hee).

a la Queen Mary.jpg
I love the way it falls in waves around the neck and I love how it looks against your skin and the basic black - elegant. I'll bet it would fun to put it through a big pearl shortener so the whole thing was a torsade.
Yes, it is made in three sections, short, medium and long. This is all three worn at once, though separately, not clasped together. I ended up taking off the shortest and medium sections and wearing the long (75", I think) tripled around the neck with one longer strand. I'll definitely wear it that way again.
It looks absolutley lovely on you BAS! But I still think you'd need 3 of them to have a go at matching Queen Mary's pearly overload....
It also looks more comfortable to wear than Queen Mary's dog collar combination. The poor lady looks like swallowing must have been difficult..